A New Syndrome: Anything But Islam

The disease affecting many on the political Left in America, the A.B.I.S. (Anything But Islam Syndrome), is one of the most baffling illnesses to hit our shores in centuries. From President Obama claiming that Islamists who call themselves “Islamic State” and commit terrorist acts in the name of Islam is “not Islamic” to Hollywood limousine liberals like Ben Affleck losing control and blasting talk show host and fellow Left winger, Bill Maher, calling him “ugly, gross and racist” for stating that radical Islamists kill people, the disease is impossible to understand.

Examples of liberals defending jihadist behavior are far too numerous to detail. From elected officials to entertainers to grandmas and college students on social media, they can be found by the millions singing a similar tune, defending people who are beheading, dropping off buildings, burning, drowning, burying alive, and worse (if they can think of worse) in the name of service to their god.  The White House, via State Dept. Deputy Spokesperson Marie Huff, has gone so far as to suggest a driving force behind such bombings and beheadings being a lack of quality jobs. Yeah, jobs! That’s it.  A lousy job leads you to cut people’s heads off! Anything but Islam.

It’s baffling behavior on many levels but none more so than the fact that the overwhelming majority of those suffering from A.B.I.S. are not practicing Muslims themselves. One can (almost) understand a Muslim defending fellow Muslim atrocities by playing the “one bad apple/don’t judge all by the actions of a few” card. But such people are extremely difficult to find.

What you can find however is people who are Christians, or at least claim to be, doing their darnedest to defend the actions of those who murder in the name of a faith – and it’s not even their own faith! Some of these “Christians” even place the word “Reverend” or other such title before their names.

These people will jump on the bandwagon almost immediately and join the choir of those attacking a Christian church, ministry, or Christian-owned business for not choosing not to preside over or participate in a same-sex marriage ceremony by providing their goods or services. Yet when a story breaks on Breitbart (one of the only places it will break) about Muslims throwing a gay man off the top of a tall building... crickets. Last month on June 28, the day of the U.S Supreme Court’s historic ruling making same-sex marriage the law of the land, ISIS militants released a video of themselves “celebrating” gay marriage by throwing four gay men  off the roof of a building to their deaths.

Jihadwatch.org reported: “A sickening new ISIS video shows four gay men being thrown to their deaths from the roof of a building. The footage was posted on the day the historic legislation of same-sex marriage was passed in the US.

“Twitter account @Raqqa_Sl, which campaigns to end the violence in Syria, tweeted photos from the execution in the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor. A video uploaded by the campaigners showed the men being forced to queue on a five-storey [sic] building before being thrown over the edge.  No screams are audible as they fall to their deaths. Hundreds of people living under the Islamic caliphate gathered to watch the brutal execution. Spectators can be heard gasping in an atrocious scene as the men died one after another, with their corpses piling up on the ground.

Yesterday marked one of the greatest steps in gay rights history after a landmark Supreme Court decision making same-sex marriage a right for everyone in the US. It has been suggested that the Islamic extremists flung four men from a rooftop before allowing them to plunge to their deaths to ‘celebrate’ the occasion.

Many ISIS extremists online were seen to ironically use the hashtag #LoveWins -- a rallying tweet for gay rights campaigners across the globe.”

Yet Leftists in America will actually side with those who will kill gays over those who’d rather not bake a cake for them. Why? Anything but Islam syndrome.

In September 2007, Iranian president, known funder of militant jihadists and every bit a radical himself, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was welcomed with open arms as a guest speaker at President Obama’s alma mater Columbia University. During his swing through the Big Apple, President Ahmadinejad was asked about his country’s treatment of gays, which is known to be brutal. Ahmadinejad’s response? “We don’t have any.” Challenged head on by members of the Leftist academic elite, lovers and champions of gay rights, Ahmadinejad told these titans, these crusaders for all that’s good and right that homosexuality isn’t something he has to deal with because in Iran we have no gays, so your questions are moot. The high and mighty gay rights crusaders retort?  “Oh. Well, okay then.”

Nidal Hasan fatally shot 13 people and wounded 30 others in his murderous shooting spree at Ft. Hood in 2009. Though he blasted his way through as many as he could while shouting, “Allah Akbar”, Arabic for “God is great!”, the White House and Dept. of Defense apparently were not sure which God he was referring to and infamously labeled the event an incident of “workplace violence” rather than a jihadist terror attack. Why? Hasan had a job! So that clearly wasn’t it. What was it that caused him to shoot the place up? Anything but Islam.

Last summer in yet another story the A.B.I.S. media ignored Hasan hand wrote a letter to leaders of the Islamic State saying he wanted to become a “citizen” of the caliphate. Broken by Fox News, Hasan’s letter was addressed to Ameer, Mujahid Dr. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and read, “I formally and humbly request to be made a citizen of the Islamic State. It would be an honor for any believer to be an obedient citizen soldier to a people and its leader who don't compromise the religion of All-Mighty Allah to get along with the disbelievers."

Sound like an Islamic jihadist to you? Not if you suffer from A.B.I.S.

Quite possibly the most seriously afflicted with A.B.I.S. in America today is the collective body that forms our oft-called “mainstream” news media.  

In a column that appeared at American Thinker in 2013, I wrote, “…there is a general description that all of these terrorists fit.  They are males, generally between the 20 and 40 years of age, with dark hair, dark eyes, and middle-eastern/Arab features and names.”

Last week Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez shot and killed five U.S. service members in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Despite the fact that the twenty-four-year-old was Kuwait born with dark eyes, hair, and Arab features -- fitting the terrorist description like a square peg into a square hole -- the mainstream American media just cannot seem to put two and two together.

Just days ago an Associated Press story ran in newspapers coast-to-coast. It’s title? “Life details of Tenn. shooter emerge, but motive elusive.” Motive elusive? The body of the story offered the following in its opening, “Bits and pieces have emerged over the past few days about Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez's troubled life. But two significant pieces of the puzzle are missing: Why did he ambush two military sites, killing four Marines and a sailor?” Why, oh why could he have done it? Could it be that he led a “troubled life?” Anything but Islam.

Not to be outdone, the same day the USA Today trumpeted, “Chattanooga shooter struggled with depression, drugs.” Was it depression, drugs, teenage rebellion against authority, poverty, addiction to Meryl Streep movies, not breast-fed as a baby? They do not know but they do know is this - it was Anything but Islam. 

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