This Just In: America Still Racist

When I listen to the rhetoric of the American left, I wonder whether their counterparts in other countries are as adamant about blaming citizens for the sins of their forefathers. Do Australians sit around navel-gazing because their country was settled by deported criminals?  Does today’s generation of Germans wear hair shirts for the atrocities against humanity committed by their forefathers within my lifetime?  Do young Turks engage in self-flagelation over the genocide of 1.5 million Armenians a hundred years ago?  Do the Japanese constantly remind themselves that their country launched a sneak attack against America that killed thousands? I think not. Yet at every turn, liberals are raking up the bitter embers of America’s past, rubbing our collective nose in them, and using them as pretexts for sanctimonious harangues about our Evil Empire. There is a biblical proverb that says, “The fathers eat sour grapes, but the children’s...(Read Full Article)