The Choice We Make

Someone once said, “No matter how fast light travels, it will always find that darkness has gotten there first.” Today America is shrouded in darkness, her future uncertain.  Much of it caused by the incoherent rule of the amorphous Barack Obama and the poor decisions he has deliberately made.

A hundred years from now, the presidential election of 2016 will be seen as a time when America was at a crucial crossroads in the grand experiment that is the United States. Will we as a nation return to the path that the country had been successfully traveling for almost two and a half centuries, or will America follow the trail blazed by Barack Obama and become just another third-world state, one among a world of second-rate socialist experiments?

The apocryphal Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times,” most assuredly applies to the nation today. During the Obama administration America has made a sharp turn to the left, with all the inherent problems that has caused economically, such as painfully slow growth, declining household income, lackluster employment figures and out of control government spending, as well as a government run as a piggy bank for entrenched Democrat special interests. 

Can anyone deny that the almost trillion-dollar stimulus passed when Obama’s party controlled both houses of Congress with supermajorities wasn’t simply a reward for crony capitalists and unions allied with the president? Quick, list one thing positive that was produced by this boondoggle legislation? That can be little hard, how about can anyone list anything concrete at all, even if it wasn’t a plus for the country? 

I have one. The 2012 movie Mariachi Gringo proudly boasts after the credits that it was produced and paid for by the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Ironically, almost the entire film takes place in Mexico. 

Progressives like our inchoate president have no shame, and the voters were not been paying attention to what was actually taking place under Obama’s poisonous America-hating leadership in reelecting him in 2012. 

The media has morphed into a paid arm of the Democratic Party. It is deeper than that, however, our once free press has become not only a spokesman for liberal policies, there no longer is a line between members of the media and the Democratic Party -- it has become a revolving door, where members of the media and their families join the administration, and members of the administration join the media. Consequently, the nation’s destruction under our solipsist, sophist president has largely gone unnoticed by the press, and thus, for the most part, unknown to a population not paying attention.  

It’s as if Americans, to expiate past racial sins, chose a black man as president and then checked out, while he proceeded to run roughshod over the Constitution, destroyed our economy, exacerbated racial tensions, ruined the nation’s standing internationally and made the world a much more dangerous place. 

Unbelievably, even after more than six years of lies and serial incompetence, there are still people who think he is doing a bang-up job, although the ranks are thinning. There are still people who worship him as a god although the early mass hysteria of 2008 and 2009 has certainly abated. Ever the narcissist, Obama agrees with his worshippers because he believes his performance as president has been exceptional, as he believes himself to be as well. As for his status as a deity, the only difference between Barack Obama and god is that god doesn’t think he is Barack Obama.

The nation is led by a man who not only refuses to secure our borders, but also refuses to deport illegal aliens who cross it. Dozens of Americans have been murdered by illegals, who Obama decided not to deport, and thousands more have fallen victim to the litany of crimes committed by these very same people. 

It appears that illegal aliens can stay, but transfat has to go. Our nation and its institutions are crumbling before our very eyes and our leaders are more concerned about putting a woman on the ten-dollar bill. Maybe they should put Rachel Dolezal on it, or Bruce Jenner -- he’s a woman now, isn’t he? 

Talk about muddled priorities.

There are 19 months still to go before we can rid the nation of the aberration that is Barrack Obama. If you think a Hillary administration will be any better than Barry and his boys, as my mother used to say, “You have another think coming.”    

Hillary, like Obama, has only a passing association with the truth. Mary McCarthy famously said of Lillian Hellman, “Every word she writes is a lie, including and and the.” This also could easily apply to Hillary Clinton in her writing, statements, and speeches, and to Obama, as well.

We must restore the dynamism that made our economy the envy of the world. We must concentrate on growth. We need to roll back the economy-stifling overregulation that accelerated with the election of a failed community organizer and muzzle the government organizations that seek to regulate everything, such as the EPA, we must secure our borders and return to constitutional governance and away from presidential fiat. That will never happen under HRC. She will rule as Obama has, and even though it will not end America, it will certainly end the America that has existed as the prosperity machine for the entire world.

It won’t be easy. Progressives will fight and as everyone should know, they never fight fairly. The Republican candidate will need to be a fighter, and not just during the election, but also as president. A quiet, honorable man like Mitt Romney won’t do. The media and the Hillary campaign will take him apart.

We need “in your face” types, like Rubio, Cruz, Walker, Jindal and Fiorina (who for my money, does the best job of all in criticizing Hillary). You can be sure Trump will fight, yet many times he comes off as a just another rude blowhard. 

The Republican candidate will also need to be a good speaker and debater like Rubio, Cruz, Jindal, and Fiorina. Executive experience would also be helpful. Former Governors Walker, Jindal, Pataki and Huckabee are all running. Fiorina was CEO of HP. Trump has tons of experience (exactly what we need, another narcissist in the White House) and Carson has a wonderful rags to riches story, but it’s hard to see a pathway to the presidency for either Trump or Carson. The field this time around is solid and whoever the choice may be, would without a doubt, do a better job than the man we have today as president, or any future Clinton presidency.

We are fighting for our nation’s survival. We cannot afford another weak candidate, or a candidate whose administration would be business as usual. 

We have a choice to make in 2016, and what we decide will not only decide the fate of America, but the entire world.