Race and the Destruction of the American Republic

Race will cause the American republic’s complete destruction.  Either the Left will succeed in its decades-old campaign of preying on “white guilt” to impose a socialist dictatorship on the U.S., or there will be a backlash that will make the George Wallace phenomenon of the 1960s seem mild.  Either way, the limited central government that America’s founding generation established to maximize individual liberty will be gone.  As Ronald Reagan knew, once freedom is lost, it may never be recovered.

After a rash of race riots coupled with leftists’ growing demands that local police powers be assumed by the federal government, I am increasingly pessimistic about America’s future. 

Remember Barack Obama’s 2008 call for a “civilian national security force” that would be as strong and well funded as the military?  Is that where the U.S. is headed?  Were Obama or, more likely, some future left-wing Democrat president able to create a “civilian national security force,” would the result be like Hitler’s Gestapo or Stalin’s NKVD?

With or without local officials’ connivance, the feds, through the Department of Justice, have already taken de facto control of police forces in Ferguson, MO, Baltimore, MD, Cleveland, OH, and several more.  Will other local police forces be taken over as well?

The possibility that a backlash will engulf the nation is very slim.  To succeed, a movement needs leadership with the charisma, will, and courage necessary to confront an increasingly politically correct political culture.  No such leadership is evident.

The prospects of a race war leading to a socialist dictatorship are, alas, much greater. 

At first blush, it would seem that predicting a race war that will end in victory for those calling for a “fundamental transformation” of the United States is mistaken.  African Americans comprise about 13% of America’s population, and not every black person will participate in a war against the republic.  Even if militant blacks were joined by portions of the Hispanic and Asian communities, along with some white fellow travelers, the insurrectionists would be badly out-numbered by the rest of society.

Voltaire allegedly claimed that “God is always on the side of the big battalions.”  That assumes that each “side” in a conflict has equally competent leadership, is equally well equipped, and is made up of equally motivated fighters.  (In America’s Civil War, for example, the Union forces were larger and usually better supplied than the Confederacy’s fighters were, but General Robert E. Lee was more competent than Union generals before President Lincoln found Ulysses S. Grant.  Even so, Lee’s brilliance did not prevent the Confederacy’s ultimate defeat.)

American politics are now decidedly imbalanced in favor of the Left.  The Right is disunited, dispirited, and -- in the main -- under-financed.  The Left, on the other hand, appears much more unified, seems highly motivated, and is very well funded.

Combine these factors with a long-lived campaign to parlay white guilt into ultimate victory, and one understands the reasons why the racial grievance industry may succeed.

Scarcely a week goes by without an altercation between local police and members of the African American community.  These incidents are very often followed by race riots, such as the ones in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD.

Episodes of “polar bear hunting,” the “knockout game,” and black-on-white violence in malls, movie theaters, or swimming pools seem to becoming more frequent.  The MSM may report the incident, but ignore essential information about perpetrators.  Euphemisms such as “unruly teenagers,” etc. are about as far as the MSM will go when reporting episodes of black-on-white violence.  In the comparatively infrequent instance of white-on-black violence, such as Trayvon Martin’s death, the MSM was quick to identify George Zimmerman’s race via a newly-invented term, “white Hispanic.”   Similarly, it took no time for the MSM to inform America about Dylann Roof’s racial identity after the horrible murders in Charleston, SC in 2015.

There is another reason to anticipate that America’s future belongs to the racial grievance industry and their dupes.  Were someone to utter openly anti-black sentiments today, that person’s public viability would end.  (Remember what happened to former LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling?)  Spouting black racism, on the other hand, carries no comparable penalties.  (Think of racist comments made by such worthies as Barack Obama, Jeremiah Wright, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan.  Obama can utter the n-word, and no one should take offense.  No conservative Republican could use that word with impunity.)

Given the imbalance encouraged by America’s current climate, it takes little imagination to predict the country’s likely future where race is concerned.

Moreover, any opposition to the racial grievance industry is met with screams of “Racism!” which send the “miscreant(s)” high-tailing for the tall grass in fear of seeming politically incorrect.

Closely related is what appears to be America’s ruling class’s increasing tolerance of race baiters who employ a variety of rhetorical devices, such as black liberation theology, to spout hostility toward whites.  Obama, for example, thinks that the U.S. is still afflicted by racism, which is in “our DNA” because of slavery and Jim Crow laws.  (When did slavery end in the U.S.?  Where is a Jim Crow law in force?)  Other prominent African American spokes-persons, such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Louis Farrakhan can utter racist nonsense, and no one should raise an eyebrow.

(Let someone make even the mildest criticism of a prominent black Democrat and see what happens.  On the other hand, attack a conservative black in the vilest language.  No problem.  Leftists claim a conservative black isn’t “authentic.”)

The aftermath of the horrendous episode of racial violence in Charleston, SC, illustrates another facet of political imbalance in the U.S. today.  (Forget the Left’s knee-jerk attempts at grabbing guns; that hoary tack has failed before and probably will again.)  Rather, I refer to the calls -- from Republicans and Democrats -- to remove “the Confederate flag” from a Southern memorial in Charleston.  There are also calls to remove that portion of the flags of Mississippi and other states that hark back to the Confederacy.  Mitch McConnell wants Jefferson Davis’s statute removed from Kentucky’s capitol.  Now “Minister” Farrakhan wants to “put the American flag down,” with the enthusiastic approval of his audience.

The U.S. is experiencing a period in which the Left, which is determined to extirpate any reminder of events and/or personalities they don’t like, seems on the verge of victory. Some Democrats, for example, want to remove a bust of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest from the Tennessee State Capitol.  We also have calls to replace Alexander Hamilton’s face on some ten dollar bills, and substitute a woman’s visage.

If the Left’s proclivity to kick large portions of our populace under the proverbial bus, while “privileging” select portions of the African American and Hispanic communities, continues, America may soon become a society unrecognizable to most people born and reared prior to the 1960s.  Were that country to emerge, it may still be called the United States of America, but it will be unrecognizable.  Thomas Jefferson’s words -- viz., “all Men are created equal” -- will be gone with the wind.