Quit Hating on Bruce

The media is replete with stories condemning Bruce Jenner. These stories condemn who he has been for 65 years. They declare that Bruce is a failure, an imposter, a parasite.

It’s the liberal mainstream media who are hating on poor Bruce.

Every story that declares that Caitlyn is a real woman is saying that Bruce was a failure, a bad thing, a mistake. For if Caitlyn is the real Jenner, shouldn’t she have been seen sooner? Those articles imply that Bruce suppressed Caitlyn, but if that’s true, and it’s true that Caitlyn is the real deal then Bruce was pretty horrible to keep Caitlyn in the closet.

Liberals can’t have it both ways -- they can’t declare that Caitlyn is really a woman and that Bruce did nothing reprehensible.

But as always liberals continue to claim they love the folks they carelessly use to advance their goals.

Just as liberals never cease to tell us how much they care about blacks while they totally ignore the collapse of the black family, the huge crime problems in the black population, the massive black abortion rate, and the unendingly high black unemployment rate the media continues to tell us they love Bruce/Caitlyn as they ignore Bruce/Caitlyn’s huge problems.

Let us suppose for a moment that instead of denying science and claiming to be a woman Bruce declared himself to be the Emperor Napoleon. Would anyone who claimed to care about him call him “Emperor”?

It’s possible to get vampire fangs or elf ears through cosmetic surgery these days. Would any sane person think that if Bruce thought he was a vampire or an elf/Vulcan and he had the relevant surgery that he would have in fact become a vampire or elf?

The simple reality is that when someone you care about thinks they’re something they’re not, the loving response is not to enable the delusion. 

If we care about someone we try and help that person realize that who they are -- in terms of things that can’t be changed scientifically -- is good and valuable. We don’t agree with them that who they are is horrible.

True concern is not enabling irrational behavior and unjustified self-loathing, but rather helping the person see just how good they are as they are.

Why then is the liberal media so viciously condemning Bruce and enabling his anti-scientific belief that his DNA doesn’t matter?

The answer is simple; Bruce/Caitlyn is a tool the media can use to achieve an objective they want namely the cultural acceptance of all types of sex. 

The media doesn’t care if this hurts Bruce since liberals rarely care about others; that’s why they vote for higher taxes supposedly to help the poor but in reality to increase governmental power while giving little of their own money to the poor. 

That’s why the media condemns gay priests, without mentioning they are gay, for molesting kids, but are silent about schoolteachers who do the same. Liberals aren’t bothered by child molestation, that’s why they have no problem with Roman Polanski who raped a 13-year-old or Richard Dawkins who says “mild pedophilia” is okay, but they are bothered by the Church’s stand against sexual hedonism.

It’s interesting that the same liberal media types who attack creationists as anti-science have no problem rejecting the well-established scientific fact that men and women have different DNA and that no way exists to change Bruce’s DNA. 

Men can’t become women and women can’t become men. A soldier who loses his “masculine parts” does not become a woman so why should we believe that snipping those parts off voluntarily will make a man a woman?

Then of course there’s the whole feminist angle. What real woman thinks that all it takes for a man to turn into a woman is some drugs and plastic surgery? Jumping on the transgendered bandwagon means saying that the mysterious something that makes women women is merely a matter of some chemicals and plumbing.

Sane people view that as a very anti-woman statement: a man can become a woman with just a little work no big deal. Liberals who claim to love women -- but who have no problem attacking the victim if Bill Clinton is the harasser -- can’t seem to find it in themselves to say that the gap between men and women is more than superficial.

Don’t fall for the media lie; if you love Bruce you won’t go along with his delusion. Because the simple scientific reality is that Bruce is a man and if he truly thinks he’s a woman it’s really no different than if he thought he was an elf or Napoleon; the answer is to help him love who he really is not to enable his delusion.

Ask yourself this: in the famous tale of the Emperor’s new clothes, who really cared about the Emperor -- the folks who lied about what they saw or the boy who told the truth?

People who are using Bruce to advance their cause even though they’re hurting him are the real H8rs in the modern world, not the people who care enough about Bruce to tell him the truth. Tell your friends this simple truth and see if we can’t help Bruce start loving who he really is.

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