Liberal Democrats Don't Like the Military or Support American National Security

An incident early in Bill Clinton’s presidency was an indicator of liberal Democrats’ hostility toward the military. In early April 1993, General Barry McCaffrey – then an aide to General Colin Powell – visited the White House.  Upon entering the building, McCaffrey encountered a young woman he presumed was a presidential aide.  When the general greeted the young woman, she allegedly said icily, “I don’t speak to people in uniform.” When other military personnel member protested the insult of McCaffrey, Clinton initially claimed the report was an “abject lie.”  When that line couldn’t be sustained, Clinton tried to smooth over the incident by inviting McCaffrey to jog with him.  Shortly thereafter, the aide was allegedly fired, and McCaffrey was appointed as Clinton’s Drug Czar.  (I have not discovered what actually became of the aide.) This incident, and others before and since,...(Read Full Article)