Is Obama a villain? Or only delusional?

President Obama is trying to make nice with Jewish American voters again -- those who haven’t caught on to his multiple betrayals in the Middle East.  Israelis -- those who are in touch with reality -- feel betrayed.  The Saudis feel betrayed.  Egypt feels betrayed.  Libya was betrayed worst of all, and believe it or not, before Obama became president even Syria was considered to be friendly to the United States. 

More than 200,000 dead Syrian Muslims, Christians and Kurds later, Obama may still smile and smile, but the Arab world and the saner half of Israel keep wondering if he is a villain. 

The only regime that loves us over there keeps chanting, “Death to America! Death to Israel!”

Obama tells us they don't actually mean it.  He tells the world to “trust me” on Iranian nukes. 

Oh, yeah? The Sunni Arabs have fought Shi’ite Iran for a thousand years, and they think they mean those genocidal threats.  Which is why the Sunnis are getting their own nuclear weapons.  But Sunni regimes are none too stable, either. 

Obama just told us, “I’ve made America stronger, more prosperous, safer, and more influential.”

A hundred million liberals actually believe that, because who would tell a super-colossal whopper like that? The Big Lie technique still works. 

Now we are six years into this cult-like administration and the biggest question is still the same: “Is Obama a villain? Or only delusional?”

As Hamlet says early in the play,

“Meet it is

I set it down

That a man may smile and smile

And be a villain.”

And then he makes a note in his notebook -- because Hamlet is paralyzed when it comes to action.  His problem is deep denial.  He cannot believe the depth of treachery that surrounds him, his mother and uncle plotting to kill his father and take over the kingdom, then to send assassins after Hamlet himself.  It takes four Acts for Hamlet to work through his denial.

It has taken the American media six years, and there’s no glimmering in the darkness yet. 

Shakespeare wrote for the court of Elizabeth I, who ordered the beheading of Mary Queen of Scots and Walter Raleigh.  Court life was full of “treason, stratagems and spoils.”  Shakespeare’s tragedies are about betrayal -- King Lear, Macbeth, Richard III, Hamlet -- because treason against the royal house was the greatest danger of his time.  Spain and France were constantly exploiting religious divisions to undermine the kingdom.  Hypnotic villains like Richard III manipulated vulnerable suckers, just as they do today.  Each great tragedy shows malignant traitors and victims who can’t escape their own mental blinders. 

Human nature hasn’t changed, but the technology of war is much more dangerous. 

Liberals are still lulled by lying Democrats with big smiles.  Jimmy Carter’s big toothy smile was a factor in his election, and here we are forty years later, stuck with a nation of 70 million Muslims who are told to prepare for war against us every single day: Against Israel, against America, against the Sunni Arabs. 

Jimmy Carter looked on passively when the Ayatollah overthrew a strong, modernizing, pro-Western ally in Iran.  That is why we are now threatened by a brainwashed nation of suicidal fanatics going for nuclear weapons.  Iran was the first Muslim theocracy thirsting for nukes -- but it won’t be the last. 

Obama’s million-dollar grin is one of his biggest assets, and he obviously believes he can still sucker the same folks who fell for the same lies before.  Bill Clinton did it.  Carter did it.  Barack Obama wants his chance. 

Barack Obama has made the world much more dangerous than ever before.  We have had lying politicians before, but not in a world of rogue regimes armed with nuclear weapons.