Forgiving Rubio, or How to 'Stumble' on Immigration All the Way to the White House

Marco Rubio was embraced by the media and Democrats in 2013 when he supported immigration reform, much to the ire of his conservative base.  The media took the opportunity to paint his wayward supporters who opposed his efforts as backward extremists, upon no other grounds than the “everybody knows” doctrine that Mark Steyn succinctly described in After America: Get Ready for Armageddon. For example, “everybody knows” that not allowing the government to tax your energy consumption to its heart’s desire will cause the oceans to boil over (despite the inherent silliness in that assumption).  “Everybody knows” that the best thing that can be done to reduce violent crime is to increase welfare spending and expand gun control (notwithstanding the ample evidence suggesting that the exact opposite is true).  And “everybody knows” that legislating amnesty for illegal aliens who will do the unskilled jobs Americans...(Read Full Article)