Casting Blame for Charleston: They Can't Help Themselves

In general, the responses by community leaders to the horrible shooting coming out of Charleston have been wonderful: unifying, prayerful and inspiring.

Sadly, the usual suspects on the Left could not resist exploiting the devastating evil terrorist attack to further their political agenda and demonize conservatives. MSNBC typically tried to stir the pot of racial hate claiming Charleston residents told them they are fed up with such attacks, as if the shooting were a routine occurrence. The residents that I heard interviewed talked about all races in their community coming together to promote healing. MSNBC is despicable and evil.

Democrats are blaming the shooting on the GOP, the NRA and Fox News. Absurd and shameful.

Obama's former Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel once said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” This tactic is embedded in Leftists’ DNA and they simply can’t help themselves.

Against better judgment, class and decency, Obama could not resist exploiting the crisis of the murders to further his gun grab agenda. His argument is based on false data and flawed logic.

The crazed shooter reloaded several times. People with common sense know had someone in that church had a gun, lives probably would have been saved.

And no Obama speech would be complete without him taking a jab at America. This time Obama referred to attacks on black churches and racism in our history. Mr. President, why would you bring that up?

With blacks at only 12% of the population, it would have been impossible for you to win two presidential elections if racism were the norm. Therefore, the shooting had nothing to do with “a dark part of our history” and everything to do with the shooter being an evil nut case. But our elected-for-a-second-term low-rent president could not once again resist throwing America's original sin of slavery in our faces. Instilling white guilt is ever present on Obama and his minion's lips. Despicable and evil.

Then, soulless Hillary I will throw everything against the wall hoping something will stick and help me win Clinton also chimed in exploiting the shooting to demand a government gun grab.

As I stated, folks, with the exception of the usual suspects, responses from leaders across America have been heartwarming, level headed and unifying. And for that, I am grateful. Praise God. Perhaps, America has seen the light, realizing what happens when liberal hatemongers are allowed to control the narrative.

However, I do take issue with those who claim that both political parties are culpable in the shooting and need to dial back their rhetoric. Since practically day one of Obama's presidency, Democrats began fueling the flames of racial division and hate. They exploited Obama's black skin, setting up the narrative that any and all opposition to his agenda would be rooted in racism and hate.

Democrats launched an ongoing campaign to paint the millions of Americans in the Tea Party and America's police as racists out to get the black president and black America. So, while I appreciate the good intentions, I reject the idea that unifying the country means saying everyone is guilty.

As a child, after school, I babysat my four siblings until Mom and Dad came home from work.  Jerry liked to play in his room alone working on various inventive projects.  David loved to agitate.  He would go into Jerry's room and break whatever Jerry was working on.  The two boys would end up fighting.  After working all day, Mom was too tired to sort out the details. She would punish both boys for fighting. I would say, “That's not right mom. David started it.”

Clearly, David was the bad guy and Jerry was the good guy.  Folks, it is not fair to accuse Republicans of spreading racial hate. For crying out load, Republicans have been petrified to utter a disparaging word about Obama for six and a half years. Democrats are the bad guys spreading racial hate.

First and foremost, the Democratic Party has sold its soul to progressivism. Without divine intervention, the relentless pursuit of their agenda trumps everything. American lives and national race relations are considered acceptable collateral damage in achieving their ultimate goal; big brother controlling everyone and everything in our lives.

Good folks, black and white, like the ones I have seen on TV talking about bringing our nation together and prayer is how we defeat the Left's evil.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American; Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee

Editor's note: A previous edition of this article called the quotation "Never let a crisis go to waste" a paraphrase from Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.  The error has been corrected.