At His Own Peril, Jeb! Spurns Conservatives on Education and Immigration

We all know the famous Republican Jeb! (as his campaign seems eager to avoid use of his last name and believes an exclamation point will get people excited about him, I’ll indulge that wish) who is now an immediate heavyweight in the Republican primary after his long-expected announcement for president. But don’t let the R that often makes its way in front of his name fool you.  Jeb! loves lots of things that Democrats and big government progressives love. Jeb! loves Common Core, for example.  To be fair, a number of Republican heavies once advocated Common Core in its inception, only to later reject it when a groundswell of opposition arose -- including Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, and Mike Huckabee.  The latter have all reversed course on Common Core due to largely (but not solely) conservative backlash.  Jeb! on the other hand, stands alone among the Republican field in his estimation that Common Core is about upholding sensibly applied state...(Read Full Article)