Are We Truly Surprised?

Seven years of purposeful race-baiting, deliberate legal bias against white people, and executive decisions that engage in the soft bigotry of low expectations of black people create the very brew that would lead to the horrific events in South Carolina--an occurrence that feeds right into the self-fulfilling prophecies of Obama.

Early on, Michelle Obama demonstrated her animus toward America and injected race into the conversation notwithstanding that white America twice voted her husband into office. Yet, as Allen West has asserted, white America needs to understand that Obama "abjectly despises" whites. Economist Ben Stein has called "President Barack Obama the most racist president in U.S. history." 

The Obamas cling to their leftist ideology with a fierceness that is frightening. Jack Cashill explains in "Does the left want a race war" " . . . leftist powers-that-be used these cruelly false constructs to convince black America that a war was being waged on them by white police and ordinary citizens alike."  In fact, "the truth is that the vast majority of white Americans are not racist."

But with the help of a complicit media corps, the narrative continues that American white people are intrinsically racist. In fact, Obama maintains that "racism is in America's DNA." As far as he is concerned, America is a sick society filled with social ills. At Salon, the headline for June 18, 2015 read "Charleston church massacre: The violence white America must answer for."  Combined with the media's leftist slant, is the power of popular culture via social media. It echoes Obama's denigrating comment about small town people in Pennsylvania who "cling to guns and religion."

Over the period of his administration Obama has permitted the following actions all gussied up under the guise of social justice and equity. Thus, black students committing the same offenses as white and Asian students will not be suspended. As a result " ...  public schools in Minneapolis ...  adopted racial quotas that effectively ban the suspension of African-American students who commit certain offenses." Not surprisingly, school violence has increased since " . . . minority students know they now have free reign to threaten and hurt others [.]" This move toward disparate-impact criteria with regard to school-discipline policies has been in the works since 2010.  

Fast forward to 2015: covert racism is the culture being cultivated by Barack Obama, Eric Holder, "hoax-perpetrating, riot-inciting" Al Sharpton and the mainstream media.  It is a never-ending declaration about America and  "all its weighty, racist baggage." It speaks volumes about Obama that a liar like Sharpton is his key point man concerning race relations. 
Credible data does not matter with this President. In 2014, John Perazzo concluded that in the case of assaults, "the average black offender is 5 times more likely to choose a white victim, than a white offender is likely to choose a black victim." And in the case of robbery, "the average black offender is 25.4 times more likely to choose a white victim, than a white offender is likely to choose a black victim." 

Conveniently ignored by this President are the black flash mobs that continue to terrorize white and Asian people.  Nor is there a word about the out-of-control black-on-black murders in predominantly black urban areas. Obama's Justice Department continues to feed the passions of the mobs. Given this, why should it surprise anyone when a white racist feeds into the equivalent passion and goes out of control? Feeding the fire of hatred works both ways.

Obama bullies the country every chance he can. His double standards and politicizing are shameful to behold.  It is not America that caused the deaths of these people. It is the constant race baiting and shameful exploitation by this president that pushed a very sick, racist, and unstable individual over the edge.  

Although Obama has enormous power, he uses it in the most devious and damaging means possible. The arrogance of power is constantly on display. Divisiveness is the only route he takes as he repeatedly promulgates outright lies and propaganda to create a web of his own facts that could easily be disassembled if we had a press eager to be a disinterested group of reporters.  

Furthermore, "[s]ince 2011... Mr. Obama has grown particularly contemptuous of the system. He has sought ways to expand the powers claimed by the executive and obeys only the laws that suit him. A compliant Justice Department fabricates thin rationales that convince none but those who would affirm anything Mr. Obama did anyway. This has had a particularly destructive impact on the bonds of trust and tradition without which our system cannot function." Obama engages in "endless racial discord" because of his leftist leanings; we cannot expect anything different.  The "reason for fomenting this sort of racial animosity is transparently political." Obama agitates and mobilizes through the use of racial innuendo and accusations."  He has effectively "poisoned race relations" in this country because for him "race trumps truth."

There is never any excuse for the evil that was perpetrated last week but those of us who perceived the hubris and racial animus of Obama realized early on that it would be only a matter of time when some deranged person would seek violence. The deliberate recitation that America is a shameful racist country coupled with actions that actively engage in racism against whites will surely inflame a sick mind like Dylann Roof but does this stop the race baiting from this president?

Armstrong Williams, cousin to the murdered Reverend Pinckney, has written that "[w]e cannot win against the onslaught of evil if we continue to be divided over things like race, class, gender, and nationality. We cannot be so easily manipulated by the devil as to believe that there is a black humanity and a white humanity. If anything this tragic event should be a warning to us all of the ultimate problem of teaching our children to hate another person based on their race. That goes for black and white parents, educators, and law enforcement alike. Teaching inferiority is just as bad as teaching superiority. Either allows one to view someone else as less than human and undeserving of being treated with human dignity. You cannot win a war against evil with a divisive strategy that destroys us from within. That is precisely what the devil wants."

Obama uses the moment to ramp up emotions. Instead of saying that this is not who we are as a people, Obama constantly intimates that this white supremacy is the overarching component in present day America. It is a cowardly act.

When the executive branch of the government and the fourth estate continue this racist rant, reasonable and law-abiding Americans need to comprehend as well as expose the ulterior motives behind those claiming this racist slander

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