Anything But Evil

The left is in a frenzy to blame Dylann Roof’s actions on anything but evil. It’s the gun. It’s the Confederate Flag. It’s racism. It’s conservatism. Why isn’t it that he was an evil, twisted, anti-social cretin, the sort of person who used to be a pariah in a civilized society? Because the left is full of such people, and they can’t afford for the rest of us to see that clearly. They’ll say anything to divert the conversation away from the fact that as progressives have grown their control of our society and its direction for the last 40 or more years, aggression and violence toward others for their thoughts has become a much more prominent and acceptable part of our culture. Evil is at home on the left.

Once upon a time in America, morality was understood to be a vital part of our national fabric. Parents disciplined their children, taught them right from wrong, and implanted in them the judgment and discretion to make sound decisions on the basis of what a moral person should do.  Their guidance and our traditions came from Biblical teachings. They were mostly Godly people, or knew how to be. Parents taught their children that selfish whims and demands were not acceptable. They knew how to work, how to earn, how to contribute, and how to do without.  Misbehavior was met with censure and disapproval. It was shameful to stray too far from the expectation of honorable behavior. Miscreants were not victims, but embarrassments. 

Driving all of this was an underlying morality. It didn’t matter if one was Christian, Jew, or unbeliever. People mostly adhered to an objective standard of right and wrong, and tried to opt for what was right. With the rise of the left, however, many have abandoned moral norms and standards in favor of secular self-worship. The left would say good riddance, but look what has arisen in its place. Godless, amoral propagandists have filled the vacuum, ready to do anything, and say anything, to achieve power over other citizens. They happily exploit the evil they condone to blame America and the Americans they hate for what their ideology has done.

Dylann Roof is a product of the left’s “progress”. He has taken the president’s concepts of “enemies” entirely to heart. He decided that in our new uncivil society, his self-centered grievances were so much more important than the larger society that he was entitled to do any damage he could imagine to gratify himself and his vision. In the new America of unhinged and enabled malcontents, he decided that he held the power over which Americans would be allowed to live, and which must die. Driven by a hate unrestrained by morality, he decided that his superiority gave him the right to kill.

Granted, the left did not send Dylann Roof out to do his damage, but it created the environment and the foundation that encourages those who believe they are superior to their philosophical enemies to do whatever they wish to those enemies, because their enemies are a sub-species to themselves. That makes them less deserving of freedom, of rights, and of life. The left believes it alone is the rightful arbiter of such things. They will decide what we can say, where we can say it, to whom we can say it, what punishment there is for straying, how we can worship, who we can worship, whether we can defend ourselves against them, who will marry, who will invade our borders, who will live and who should die. The superiority of the left, as they see it, is authority enough to grant rights or deny them. 

Roof decided that because he was superior to his victims, it was his right to do to them as he saw fit  He is the antithesis of all that is good about America, and is the embodiment of the aggression and self-righteous anger that is a hallmark of the liberal left. They hate what they don’t approve, and they work every day to damage those with whom they disagree. They have no desire or intention to live peacefully together, to “coexist”, as their ridiculous bumper stickers proclaim. They intend to put their enemies in their place, to degrees that rational people could never condone.

Bill Ayers, first-friend of the president and a highly respected liberal mind, once revealed in the presence of Larry Grathwohl, who infiltrated the Weather Underground, his vision of the future of America as fundamentally transformed into a communist utopia. As Ayers and other members of the organization confided, their plan would require that those who resisted would need to be eliminated. They estimated 25 million persons might need to die. They were prepared to commit mass murder to usher in a country in which their visions were realized. After all, what does it matter that lives are snuffed out, as long as architects of human misery prevail over those who are living the promise of a free and prosperous America? While the scale of Roof’s vision pales in comparison to Ayers’, they both believed in the right to take the lives of others for their sickening ideology of domination and control over those they considered less worthy than they are.

No comparable belief exists on the conservative right. Conservatives, who are blamed for everything the left has enabled and encouraged, have nothing whatsoever in common with the ideology of human enslavement and psychological control. Those who come to conservatism do so because they freely reject an ideology of domination over the lives and rights of other citizens, seeing in that movement a future like that envisioned by Bill Ayers and those with whom he associated, then and since. Conservatives see the evil in a country governed by the basest of human flaws and failures, unmoored from God and morality. They see the utter failure of liberalism long before it is fully realized, and they see in it the evil that drives the weak and malleable to hate or kill any who fail to behave as the left has decided they must. 

The left’s solution to every event is to punish the enemies of the revolution, regardless of the lack of their enemies’ fault, and despite their own complicity. If they can accomplish their revolution piecemeal through these tactics, that’s fine. But what will happen when the Dylann Roofs of the left finally tire of merely stripping us of our rights as citizens, trying to force our surrender to their superiority? Haven’t we seen this enough times before to know where it leads?  

Evil walks and talks among us every day. It engenders the lies that warp the thoughts and feelings of the pliable, enabling them to reach false conclusions that always fit the ideology. It causes them to become enraged at those having nothing to do with their misplaced hatred, and encourages them to harm others whom they believe are deserving of violence, which their peers condone or overlook. Eventually, given encouragement and feeding, evil kills the soul, so that murder, whether of 9 souls or 25 million, is justifiable in the minds of the “tolerant” people who would rule us.

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