The Real Battle

As America enters again into the pretense of political presidential battles, it is important for conservatives to grasp that the real battle is not a particular election or, indeed, any elections, but the war leftism wages on America and its Judeo-Christian values.  It is a war with skirmishes and ambushes every day in every aspect of public life. 

The enemy is not a corps of professional politicians, but rather a cadre of tenured professors, bureaucrats protected from the merit system, executives and managers running communications and entertainment corporations, public school teachers and administrators, professional “advocates” for notionally oppressed groups, lawyers and judges, and a related army of operatives dependent upon misery, suspicion, and helplessness.

Hillary is nothing.  Obama is nothing.  Biden, Pelosi, and Reid are so clearly nebbishes that they scarcely merit notice.  These very ordinary, very common people commit such egregious ethical crimes – Hillary destroying e-mails that belong to the State Department, Reid lying on the floor of the Senate about Mitt Romney’s tax records – and show such appalling ignorance – Obama telling us about his grandfather liberating Auschwitz, Biden explaining how President Roosevelt got on television in 1929 – that most would fail the most basic competence test.

These are sock puppets, interchangeable parts in a vast amorphous bowl of glop, whose only interest is power and notice and whose only ability is to mouth the party line of the day.  Defeating these pathetic creatures politically matters, but it will always be nothing more than a temporary setback for the true enemy of our way of life.

Can we attack and defeat this threat at its source?  Can we purge academia of totalitarianism?  Can we compel public schools to stop brainwashing our children?  Can we drain the power of Hollywood so that its war on our values is reduced to insignificance?  Can we break the ideological monopoly of notional “competitors” in the news media, particularly broadcast media?  Can we make the mid-level bureaucrats who run much of Washington accountable again?

Yes, we can.  The way to do this is not to hammer leftism so much as it is to hammer the very structure of these institutions.  Why on Earth, for example, do we raise scholarship funds through charities for the slain children of veterans?  Why not simply raise funds that they could use in any responsible way, including setting up a small business?  Why do more of us not push through state legislatures, where Republicans predominate, the sort of Student Bill of Rights that David Horowitz has urged for so long?

Each time public schools ask for more money, we ought to respond that our acquiescence is conditional on protections against educational brainwashing and the deconstruction of our values.  Why not also ask that the credentialing of teachers be changed so that experts without degrees in education can teach?

Republicans ought to simply boycott the leftist establishment media, at least until it becomes truly evenhanded.  Republican candidates for president ought to be explicit about this boycott.  (Suspect any Republican who ignores or complains about this boycott, and support any candidate courageous enough to be direct about the ideological bigotry and bias of the establishment media.)

Support and help create a vibrant conservative counterculture of film, television, music, and all other forms of popular art, and scrutinize closely all state and local support for “art” to make sure that support is given evenhandedly without favoring the established left.  How many very conservative states actually subsidize in one form or another radical and anti-religious “art” while ignoring its conservative counterpart?

Review the holdings of public libraries, which seek and need general public goodwill.  Does the book selection process routinely include politically correct books but curiously decline to purchase books that represent unorthodox (i.e., conservative) opinions?  Libraries are often subject to local control, and the decisions of hundreds or even thousands of these library boards can have a profound effect on publishing decisions.  

Many of these actions can be taken by state governments, and others can be taken by public-spirited citizens.  All of these have the advantage of incrementally pushing the superstructure of society toward sane, moral, and honest principles.

While 2016 is important, winning the real battle, which is against entrenched leftists in the choice points of public education, communication, and entertainment, is much more important.  Until we win this battle, we will never win the war.

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