The Curious Supporters of the Corker Bill

Under no circumstances should Iran be allowed to get the bomb, given that they are the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism, have killed many American’s and constantly chant death to America. For those who care, it is also dedicated to destroying Israel, America’s most stalwart ally in the Middle East. I would have thought this, self-evident.  Apparently not. President Obama, from the beginning of his first term, chose engagement with Iran as opposed to confrontation. But Iran proved a reluctant fiancée. Obama had to bribe her by lifting significant sanctions that were in place that were beginning to bite. Once the negotiations started in earnest, Obama continued to abandon his red lines by making concession after concession. But Iran held her ground. Now the deadline for an agreement is June 30th and few believe it will be met. Obama even offered a signing bonus of $50 billion to sweeten the pot. House Speaker John Boehner upset Obama’s...(Read Full Article)