Silence about Muslim horrors means consent

Brigitte Gabriel is a hero for our times, a Churchillian voice of moral outrage -- which our president and liberal media seem unable to hear. Their silence means consent, because they know, they know.

On April 4 Brigitte Gabriel gave a passionate, truth-telling speech to a press conference at the United Nations. The YouTube video of Gabriel’s talk deserves to become a classic warning for these times. Please listen to her, and pass that video link to your friends.


Ms. Gabriel is a Lebanese Christian describing the systematic persecution, murder, rape, and slave-taking against Christians in the Middle East -- Christians who have lived there since the time of Jesus.

If we ever manage to make Americans face the reality of Jihad, it will be due to men and women like Brigitte Gabriel. Like Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer and Geert de Wilder, they are risking their lives to save civilized society, constantly opposed by the malicious liberal media and death threats from Muslim fascists.

As always, the Left’s silence about Islamofascist  massacres means consent.  The Left is utterly cold-hearted.

Obama never admits to making a mistake, but his refusal to even say the words “Muslim massacres” convicts him as an enabler of systematic genocide. I don’t know if Obama is a secret Muslim, but it doesn’t really matter -- because his silence means consent. Whatever he believes, he stands convicted by his silence.

Every week ISIS uploads videos celebrating sadistic murders of innocents. But Obama says nothing.

This collusive silence of the Left is nothing new. The Left was just as silent about Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and all the other Marxist murderers, including North Korea’s Kim dynasty. The Left is never responsible for its crimes.

No prominent  black Democrat in America that I know of has even spoken out against Boko Haram’s mass kidnappings of African children and women in Nigeria, their systematic sexual and physical abuse and often their outright sadistic murder as “infidels.”  

Obama’s half-brother is a high-level employee of the Muslim Brotherhood, the fascist Ikhwan. Malik Obama was Obama’s best man at his wedding, and presumably knows all about Muslim slave raiding, raping, sadistic violence, and the trade in human beings. The former president of the Sudan, Omar Bashir, is now on trial at the International Criminal Court for instigating Muslim genocide against native Africans. The genocide against Christians and native cultures in the Sudan has been public knowledge for two decades. But Americans still do not know where their president stands on the African slave trade.  His silence gives the answer.

As far as we can tell today, Obama has actively colluded with the worst Muslim fascist regimes and gangs, including Al Qaeda in Libya. Obama’s “best friend” Erdogan of Turkey actively helps ISIS recruiting in Turkey. His other wonderful friend, Qatar, is the principal funder of ISIS. And his friends in the Ikhwan are just like the Iranian regime, a vicious war-making ideology that kills without mercy.

Today, black children and women are sold on slaves markets in Africa and the Middle East, just like the public markets used to sell the ancestors of today’s African-Americans. But Muslim slave raiders have no color prejudice. In the Middle East they kill and kidnap Christians of Arab descent, Yazidis, and any “apostate Muslims,” like the civilians of Ramadi who were just murdered on the public streets.

 In centuries past Muslim slave raiders in Africa brought their victims to coastal ports for the Atlantic trade.

And yet, their politically angry descendants in America say nothing about the Muslim war theology that still justifies those horrors being used against living Africans.

There is no excuse for their silence.

African-Americans are whipped up to rage against living white folks for the Muslim slave trade. That is either woefully ignorant, or it is a political lie, meant to squeeze the race racket for money and power, like Mr. Obama’s good friend Al Sharpton.

Without the long Muslim history of slave-raiding -- started by Mohammed himself -- the trans-Atlantic slave trade might have been limited.  Yet in African-American politics today it is taboo to even say the words “Muslim slave-raiding.” What ISIS is doing today is nothing but the ancient African slave trade, rationalized by the same Muslim war theology. 

Silence means consent.

If a Republican were president today, liberal voices would be screaming that “silence means consent.”

But Obama is silent.