Saving Humanity from Catastrophic Global Cooling: A Task for Geo-Engineering

There are two kinds of ice ages; they are fundamentally different and therefore require different methods of mitigation: (i) Major (Milankovich-style) glaciations occur on a 100,000-year time-scale and are controlled astronomically.  (ii) “Little” ice ages were discovered in ice cores; they have been occurring on an approx. 1500-yr cycle and are likely controlled by the Sun.  The current cycle’s cooling phase may be imminent and calls for urgent action. Major glaciations – on a 100,000-year time scale I recently published an essay on how to avoid the next major ice age; there have been nearly 20 such glaciations in the past two to three million years.  The coolings are rather severe: the most recent one, ending only about 12,000 years ago, covered much of North America and Europe with miles-thick continental ice sheets and led to the disappearance of barely surviving bands of Neanderthalers; they were displaced by the more adaptable Homo...(Read Full Article)