Psychopaths in Command

Psychopathy is about unwarranted control of others by a psychopathic personality, and it is the world's worst, most destructive, most subtle, and most deceptive mental disorder.  Psychopathy is aggravated by the psychopath's ability to convince enablers and supporters to join the psychopath in self-destructive behaviors.  Think Hitler.  We have only recently begun to become aware of the nature and impact of psychopathy, but clinical psychopathy was defined over seventy years ago by Dr. Hervey Cleckley.  A previous article outlined ways in which international psychopaths might be confronted.  As the victims/perpetrators of the world's worst mental disorder, psychopaths always fail but do terrible social, moral, and economic damage to opponents and to supporters alike as they fail.  This article will address dealing with domestic psychopaths, who are currently doing massive damage to the United States of America.

The concept of democracy has been around for well over 2000 years but was originally severely limited in its application, as free men were accorded democratic privileges that were typically denied to women and slaves.  The Enlightenment was the product of Western thought and it extended democracy to a wider range of participants.  The pivotal point in the development of enlightened democracy was the founding of the United State of America, a work in progress.  The founding of the USA required the defeat of George III of England.  As psychopaths go, George III was no Hitler, but he was sufficiently controlling to provoke the American colonies to a successful revolt. 

Democracy is very attractive to many people yearning to breathe free, and the American model has been adopted widely by well over one hundred nations just within the last century.  If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, even such odious regimes as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) pretend to be democratic.  Despite the USA's unparalleled successes in inspiring and in defending freedom and democracy, the USA is subject to domestic and international criticism. 

Much of the economic criticism is from Marxists and neo-Marxists such as Putin and from combination Marxists/Islamists such as Obama who has insinuated himself into the presidency of the United States of America.  This is an astounding state of affairs, requiring gross deception by Obama and by his enablers and followers, a gullible electorate, plus a politically incompetent opposition. 

The absurd irony of Marxists criticizing the USA lies in Marxism's many failures; Marxism has never, ever achieved economic success, so how did a failed "economic" system succeed in installing a corrupt socialist healthcare system within the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?  Aye, there's the rub. 

Marxism is psychopathic, necessarily meaning that it is dishonest, manipulative, and controlling, and these are among Marxism's more attractive characteristics.  It should be obvious by now that Marxism has nothing to do with economics and everything to do with psychopathic control of those who fall under the dishonest spell of Marxism.  In stark terms, American style democracy has a long history of success and advancement, and Marxist-model centralized control has a history of destruction, death, and failure.  Yet we have Marxist professors teaching journalists, lawyers, and academics and the students have achieved Marxist results as characterized by the socialist healthcare system implemented by Obama and the Democrats.  Democrats thought that they had finally achieved Marxist Utopia when Obama was elected, and now Democrats do not want to appear with Obama on the campaign trail as he has become political poison.  But Democrats are still pushing their Leftist agenda.

Clinical psychopathy is the province of professional psychologists who have become very experienced in identifying psychopathy, usually after a crime has been committed.  Dr. Robert Hare has devised the Psychopathy Check List- Revised (PCL-R), and he has published his findings widely.  Dr. Hare has produced derivative Psychopathy Check Lists for use in business, in self-testing, and in dealing with juveniles.  Officially, psychopathy can only be determined by a trained expert, but anyone may be able to identify psychopathic-type behaviors and harmful actions directed toward himself and others, and then take protective measures. 

It should be abundantly obvious that Hitler and other totalitarian dictators displayed anti-social and narcissistic characteristics, the primary markers for a psychopathic personality.  To my knowledge, Stalin is the only psychopathic dictator ever identified as such (by Dr. Andrew Łobaczewski), but Napoleon, Hitler, Tojo, Saddam Hussein, and Putin fit the profile, and these characters may be referred to as operational psychopaths or functional psychopaths.  Obama is unique among political psychopaths in that his stated goal is to change the successful American Constitution and to downgrade American influence in the world.  The only states that have serious complaints about American influence in the world are led by psychopaths: Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. 

Ambition and lack of moral restraint are characteristic of psychopaths.  Dr. Robert Hare's study of corporate psychopaths indicates that three to four percent of corporate executives may be psychopathic but eighty percent score extremely low for psychopathy.  It is obvious from this that organizational psychopaths (think Jeff Skilling at Enron or Bernie Ebbers at WorldCom) can do much damage within an otherwise disciplined corporate environment.  It is not a stretch to believe that political psychopaths are present within political organizations, and the evidence is all around us, as witnessed by our new socialist healthcare.

While the American electorate polls as conservative, a minimal number of psychopathic Progressives infiltrate politics, financial institutions, academia, and media, from which positions they indoctrinate young students and their constituent minorities, and make false appeals to compassion in order to buy votes using taxpayer money.  That is why Detroit and Chicago, corrupt Democratic Party strongholds, are in such a miserable state and that is why blacks are worse off than any other domestic demographic in spite of voting massively for Democrats and for Obama. 

To defeat domestic psychopaths requires that we recognize that the most characteristic and destructive traits of a psychopathic system are corruption and incompetence.  This is true of all psychopathic systems in all history, and is most evident in Marxist model, militant Islamist, and Democratic Party (Detroit, Chicago) systems.  The rise in corruption and incompetence in America is quite alarming.  The Constitution and the laws are routinely being violated by the Obama Administration: Fast and Furious, immigration, marijuana, Obamacare rules and expenditures, to name a few.  The Soviet Union died of psychopathic corruption and incompetence, and any psychopathic system is vulnerable to massive disruption and destruction.

Blind people are not allowed to have driver's licenses and psychopaths who are capable of infinitely more damage than a car wreck should be identified and should never be allowed in positions of authority.  There are very intelligent, even genius, psychopaths (Obama's mentor Bill Ayers) and there will be furious efforts to allow them to advance to positions of responsibility.  Appointing or promoting a psychopath to a leadership position should be opposed at all costs. 

There are a number of non-obvious red-flag indicators that serve as a warning of a psychopathic personality.  Psychopaths typically adopt some variation of Dr. Hervey Cleckley's "mask" in order to approach their victims.  Psychopathic personalities are often described as "charming" or "charismatic."  Psychopaths often exhibit bullying behaviors (Rahm Emanuel) leading to high personnel turnover and illness.  Red-flag behaviors should result in further scrutiny of people with potential for authority positions, with the object of identifying psychopathic personalities early. 

The Tyee is a Canadian publication that has an uncommon understanding of psychopathy.  The Tyee has proposed that corporate psychopathy be limited by requiring corporate executives to have performance insurance, including insurance against psychopathic behaviors.  This performance insurance necessarily requires that candidates for new employment or promotion be evaluated for psychopathy before being hired/promoted.  Dr. Hare's PCL-R serves nicely for this purpose and exposes corporate psychopaths before they can enter sensitive jobs.  This screening process might be extended to low level political positions, with the object of eliminating the opportunity for charismatic psychopathic politicians to advance to higher office.

The United States Constitution defines the requirements for federal offices including the presidency.  It might take a Constitutional amendment to keep psychopaths out of the presidency and other high offices, by requiring a mental integrity certification for candidates for high office.  There would be an immediate effort to negate or to corrupt the process, and such efforts must be anticipated and defeated.

Dr. Łobaczewski described an "hysterical" period wherein social discipline fails, demographic conflicts proliferate, and leaders with mental disorders seize control of a state.  The Weimar Republic was such a time, and we are witnessing a similar hysterical era now.  We have our own krystallnachts now in Ferguson and Baltimore, but the perpetrators are not Nazis, they are Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and Jackson and their mindless thugs.  Historically, the next step is a major war, a goal that is characteristic of psychopathic nihilism.  The next months are critical to the future of our Republic and to our individual futures.

James G. Long has been an army captain, a professional engineer, an author, and a blogger, with a lifelong interest in organizational management problems.

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