Po-Po and the Missing Papas

The rage of Baltimore's ghetto boys against cops is not due to an epidemic of police killing black men. That's a big lie of the left wing. It is mainly caused by brainwashing black youth to hate the only effective discipline they have had in their lives. Subjecting ghetto youth to any discipline is a threat to the idea that they cannot be responsible citizens. Law enforcement in the ghetto is a threat to the creed of victimization, which wealthy, privileged black leaders use to subjugate and control people.

The recent image of Baltimore's “heroine” mother ineffectually flailing against her hoodied teenage son reminds us of the natural limitations women face trying to control boys. What spirited boy would retreat to a fatherless, airless crib with five noisy sisters running the show when all the males he admires have taken over the streets?

It is a healthy impulse for a boy to want to associate himself with masculine energy and escape the world of distaff drama and hair-obsessionality. Fathers have a special authority that instills pride and honor in their sons, and also a natural willingness to relinquish the governing aspects of that authority as the boy achieves his own honorable manhood. The closest absent father ghetto experience you have of masculine authority on a daily basis is invested in men whom everyone despises and trash-talks. You call him po-po, a term of derision of the police, but everybody sleeps better at night because they know he is out there watching.

Even though you don't like the way he looks you over, po-po has always been the only reliable male authority in your life who upholds rules and answers his phone. You can't deny he is the only one with the physical courage to take down out-of-control people with his own hands. Above all, po-po has been the only one who acts as if you're not the helpless victim of your life. He alone says, “Man, you don't have to do this mess.”

Police as father substitutes have been in the lives of ghetto boys from the first cha-ching on mamma's welfare card. And ghetto is the correct term. “Inner city” is a prog-speak euphemism. People of all races and backgrounds live in inner cities, especially the very rich. But every major American city has a section where the economy is controlled by two kinds of interrelated dependency -- government and drug -- and that is the black ghetto. The left-wing leaders whose power and wealth derive from that self-reinforcing dual dependency manipulate the people to blame the in loco patres -- the police -- rather than question why all the billions poured into the hood don't help.

In the face of massive rioting, Baltimore said blame the police and “bring in the mommas.” Three black mommas failed to enforce the law and appealed to the lowest instincts of the mob. Momma #1, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, said, “If three black women can't bring healing... I don't know who will.” She doesn’t know much. After fifty years of affirmative action in education, which has ultimately helped make fathers irrelevant, it is questionable if the mayor understands that black skin and female sex are not the answers to the terrible problems of the Baltimore ghetto. She clearly doesn't know she entered into a criminal conspiracy with a violent mob by ordering the police to give it “space to destroy.” Momma is there to heal. How many of the reportedly 100 injured police officers are fathers? She served them up like meat to the mob.

No healing for the black, Asian and Jewish fathers who lost their means to support their children in the destruction that Rawlings-Blake promoted. The racism that butters her brioche says black fathers don't need to work to support their own children, they need even more programs funded by their white oppressors.

Momma #2, Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby, raised without a father, promised the mob the revenge it wanted. It is dreadful to hear a state's attorney circumvent the protections of a grand jury and fulminate about “No justice, no peace.” I will get you payback, said Momma #2, who in a matter of hours speed-dialed a list of charges to gratify the mob. What's next? The guillotine?

Momma #3, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, went to Baltimore on May 5 and said, “We're here to hold your hands.” Another healer. If you have broken bones or a destroyed business you worked years to build, the offer of Loretta Lynch's hand is an insult. What a dereliction for the nation's top law enforcement officer to offer emotional support for lawbreakers at a massive crime scene. It sets the stage for her department to fail to prosecute crimes committed by black people, just like Eric Holder's dereliction. Lynch visited the deceased heroin dealer's family. His is the only name that suits her politics. Nobody knows how he died. Everybody knows what caused the death of the NYC cop the same day as Lynch's healing. But Momma #3 didn't think he was worth mentioning by name.

Mothers are more likely to try to excuse the bad behavior of their children. Fathers are less given to hand holding and healing when their sons behave badly. It is in the nature of men who are not respected in their home to leave. It was essential that fatherhood be destroyed for ghetto life to sink to its current level of crime and dependency. But rudimentary behavioral control functions that are essential for survival were going to be provided somehow. Police are described as a thin blue line against violence. Police in the ghetto are also a psychological line against the excuses of white racism and black victimization, which are the explanatory blithering of progressive apologetics for black crime.

With the moral code destroyed, the po-po are the most important group still acting as if young people there are capable of obeying a legal code. Police do the work of behavioral control that should be done by fathers. They are the ghost of fatherhood lost, the last group of public workers who don't have to submit to the vast victimization hoax that whitey hasn't sent enough money for you to learn how to read; whitey hasn't come across enough for you to control your own breeding; and especially, that in your downtrodden state you can't be expected to obey the law.

But good cops cannot replace good dads. Here is an axiom for human relationships: if you do the work you get the blame. Urban police, many of whom are black, do the dangerous work of protecting black people from each other. They absorb the misdirected rage of young people who have been exploited, deceived and dehumanized by their own leaders, and abandoned by their own fathers.

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