Our Immigration System Ain't Broke?

A couple of days ago, in the wake of the 7.8 magnitude temblor and some 100 aftershocks in Nepal affecting thousands of ancient structures, temples, and homes, senior statesman Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) dropped some happy-talk to listeners.

(NB: We were fortunate to have visited this once-isolated, Buddhist/Hindu/animist civilization well before the current earthquake, and our memories are still firm in evoking its splendors and naïve beauty. We ‘summated’ Base camp Everest, too, before we turned around.)

‘Why don’t we bring a few thousand of these displaced persons over here from Kathmandu, and when their city is up and running again, they can go back…?’ Schumer wanted to know. His amen minions applauded prettily, not querying the deeply ignorant premises of this suggestion.

We are of course accepting not dozens, not hundreds, but thousands of “refugees” monthly, coming in over the legal skyways. Somalis, Syrians, political prisoners, Sudanese, even Koreans, Pakistanis, and their brethren in long-term distress or familial self-betterment. Add to this the by-now famously unstoppered avalanche of illegals streaming across our southern borders from some 60 countries, not all of which are by any means friendlies.

To stash these raggedy aliens and undocumenteds away out of raw-nerve territory, foreign affiliate President Barack Hussein Obama has his people salt unsuspecting and largely unprepared towns and metropoli across the continent with these often-penniless, ill-educated, unpolished, unyielding, footsore unsophisticates -- whether the recipients are willing or no.

Mr. Schumer: towns in Sweden and Norway, Holland, and neighboring countries have had a bellyful of sustaining this empathy-extensive program to ungrateful, non-assimilating, multiply-wived shari’a culture who have ratcheted up the rapes per square inch by several factors.

We are fortunate to have caught, in this regard, Law Professor Jan C. Ting. Temple University Beasley School of Law (former Assistant Commissioner, Immigration & Naturalization Service, U.S. Department of Justice. He spoke on “Examining the Adequacy and Enforcement of our Nation’s Laws.” Prof. Ting was the featured speaker at the May meeting of the Center for Immigration Studies on West 51st Street in Manhattan.

Professor Ting’s incisive, crystal-clear elegant exegesis described the binary choice presented us: Reject the cascading incomers. “They may be dumb, but they aren’t stupid.” They are of course as “capable of cost-benefit analysis as anyone.  

His thesis is as obvious as it is under-declared: This country’s immigration laws, designed to safeguard the American polity and its citizenry, have been ignored, flouted, and countervailed in the service of the malign twofer: PC/political correctness (which amounts to bullying of those holding opposing and traditional views), and Democrat desperation to achieve long-lived and perpetual Democrat rule.

Ting’s suggestion is to reverse the Barackian trend. Increase the costs of illegal inflow, and lower the benefits.

Conversely, what the current lawless administration is oversharing is the oppo: border rules are being relaxed, border patrols emasculated, while questionable benefits for illegals are being increased.

Laws that discriminate against EU and developed country immigration into the States are archaic but remain impassively on the books, while the open-door come-hither to the Third World has been expanded irrationally, as for example seen in recent “surges” from Hispanic states.

As with the natural ecology, far from adding to the host-country tax base, such infiltrates and quickly melded-in “foreign species” disturb the local flora and fauna, take local jobs, undercut local salaries, and purloin the oxygen and resources intended and earmarked for suffering locals.

By magically waving his executive privilege -- which Ting asserts have been used and abused more than with any prior presidency -- the current president has failed to safeguard and protect his constituents. Instead, he has made extant laws irrelevant and unenforceable. New illegals, who only sketchily pay taxes from jobs to which they are not entitled, by using stolen Social Security numbers that do not go toward their record, end up even stealing further treasure in the form, Ting reminds us, of Earned Income credits, whereby such individuals and extended illegal families get “tax returns” in the many thousands. The plan on the ground is for the president, without a shred of Constitutional backing, is ready to sign into order an illicit amnesty, 30 years after Reagan’s declared “last amnesty,” creating an intake of 5,000,000 more unchecked undocumented Democratic voters -- before the 2016 election season. 

Could-be Democrats. Could-be diseased. Could be packing. Could be -- terrorists in training.

Could be a lot of things. "Voters" shouldn’t spring to mind.

As anyone with a room-temperature IQ knows, it has been about the bumping up of Democrat voting rolls right from the git-go. This president is of course from Chicago, the mother of all corrupt Democrat cities. His own record is sealed, but blemished by innumerable dirty tricks historians will be gleeful about recording after BHOs skulks into retirement.

Returning to Senator Schumer’s risible suggestion on domiciling all the Nepalis after the ‘quake: Chuck Schu seems to have been a pol for so long that he has forgotten the first rule of hosting strangers. The ability to pay for this hosting largesse.

We cannot bivouac, educate, medicate, and translate for thousands of noncitizens from afar. We cannot provide incomes for them. We cannot hire them, at the expense of the ailing economy and our 50-plus million unemployed and underemployed citizenry.

Moreover, when and how do we decide to fly them back to Nepal, after they’ve gotten a glimpse of the colossal candy-store PX that is the Washington piggy bank?

This is not tikkun olam -- fix the world -- tough love, Senator. It’s the more ridiculous and immensely more costly huff-‘n’-puff love. Politicians have grown accustomed to droning on the slogans of the simple-minded past:  the word “broke” focus-groups well, and compresses a multitude of [erroneous] sins. If you intone the nonsense often enough, and run from the reporters’ questions, you can bypass logic and reason, making your way directly into the over-stimulated compassion centers of… dimwits.

Repeat after us: Money taken out of the kitty for noncitizens detracts from the money left for infrastructure, schools, roads, medical facilities, job programs for the long-suffering regulars. And even, bleeding hearts, foreign aid. We do not have the gelt for these suffocating gifts.

To slightly update the real estate xenophobe’s acronym, NIMBYB -- not in my backyard, Bozo.

Will Senator Schumer share his bed and board for these oh-so-faraway unvetted strangers?