Obama the Magnificent

You have to give President Obama credit: he is a transformational figure, and the American media are loath to give him the credit he deserves. Of course, the transformation he has had in mind and has partially accomplished had to be covert, for the American voters would never have chosen this course knowingly. For the scope of the change he has wrought, as well as the cleverness of his strategy, sooner or later the Islamic world is bound to proclaim him, “Obama the Magnificent.”

The domestic aspect of the makeover is the lesser achievement.

When the Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland, Texas was attacked by two jihadists with assault weapons and possibly bombs, a single Texas off-duty cop took out both attackers with his service pistol. Apparently Texas is the only place in the world that can cope with jihadist assaults. In one fierce action that unknown cop made a solid case for the Second Amendment.

But our Islamophile media mob instantly blamed the victim. Pamela Geller was verbally smeared for standing up against Islamo-fascism. Apparently religious fanatics from the 7th century desert have no need to control their own behavior. They have just become as inevitable as death and taxes.

 Muslims around the world got that message: Don’t mess with Texas, but the US media are eager to surrender. It’s just a matter of cranking up the threat.

Our media mob is all for the First Amendment except when it’s dangerous to do so.

But partial control of the media is not enough for Obama the Magnificent. President Obama recently  hinted at forcing Fox News to stop disagreeing with him (“we're going to have to change how the media reports on these issues”).  Our fearless leader is so deeply fixated that he can’t imagine being wrong. Obama has a Napoleonic mindset, with no real precedent in American history. But Napoleonic delusions are common enough in one-party dictatorships.

The president must have been told a thousand times that Iranian nukes would trigger a nuclear arms race in the Middle East -- by our military, by the Saudis, the Israelis, the French, the Russians. He never listened, and just made more and more concessions to Iran’s nukes -- while lying about it to the world.

Today the nuclear arms race is heating up in the most unstable region in the world, and no serious person believes Obama anymore.

In response to the Saudis going nuclear, Obama invited the Gulf Arabs to Camp David. King Salman didn’t even bother to come, while the ruler of Bahrain found attending a horse show with the Queen of England more compellingly urgent.  The break may well be irrevocable.

Salman will likely build his nuclear defenses in alliance with Egypt’s President El Sisi.  Saudi Arabia is crucial to Egypt’s finances, and Egypt provides essential military manpower to the Saudis. Both are Sunni powers, and both have fairly rational policies.

The Saudi public is being weaned off decades’ worth of anti-Israel propaganda, with Saudi Arabian cable and satellite viewers quietly gaining access to an English Language Israeli cable television network. An Israeli-Arab alliance is therefore in the works, partly secret, but publicly acknowledged with nods and winks by both sides. Egypt and Israel have observed a formal peace treaty for forty years, and both are intent on keeping it.

Their real enemy is Iran. All the Sunni Arab regimes have been openly threatened by the Iranian mullahs, who call for genocide against Israel, defeating America, and recently, bombing Britain.

It’s not just nasty words, because Iran now controls Lebanon, parts of Iraq and Syria, Hamas in Gaza, and Yemen. Look at the map, and you can see they are surrounding Israel and the Sunni regimes.

(Source: CIA)

Saudi Arabia is almost completely surrounded, and if Iran hangs on to Yemen it will also control the Red Sea. That means the mullahs can squeeze both of the great oil traffic arteries, the Gulf and the Red Sea, and then move on the ultimate destination: Mecca.

Soon, the Iranians won’t even need nukes, because their conventional forces are attacking wherever they find an opening. Nukes will simply make them untouchable.

They couldn’t have done it without Obama.