Obama Should Heed His Own Call For Oil Exploration

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard him say it, so went a-googling.  Sure enough, on May 14, 2105, President Obama said “we are going to continue to be using fossil fuels,” adding for good measure, “U.S. production of oil and natural gas is important.”  No kidding, Mr. President.  The only surprising thing was to hear him admit it. Now, he prefaced that by saying that he expected the U.S. to “replace, over time, fossil fuels with clean energies,” preserving his environmental bona fides.  Yet that phrase raises a critical question: What’s the time frame? Many people, perhaps including President Obama, don’t realize that there actually are two energy markets in this country.  One is for transportation, which is fueled overwhelmingly -- 92% -- by oil, and consumes 70% of the oil used in the U.S.  The rest of our oil consumption goes into industry, largely as a raw material, and a little for...(Read Full Article)