LGBT Undermining of the Constitution, Culture, and Conservatives

“Our whole way of life is at stake” in the pending Supreme Court same-sex “marriage” (SSM) case, declared former American United Nations ambassador Alan Keyes at an April 21 National Press Club conference in Washington, D.C.  “Crimes against Nature and the Constitution:  Cultural Marxism and America’s Moral Collapse” (videos of which recently appeared online) analyzed LGBT dangers to America currently unopposed by even many on the political right.

Keyes, in his presentation to the conference, which was sponsored by America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI), analyzed SSM in the context of God-given natural rights proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence.  Supreme Court SSM recognition would socially ostracize and even criminalize believers in America’s traditional commitment to a natural order.  As ASI President Cliff Kincaid discussed in one presentation, this would be a “violation not only of the constitution, but of natural law ... undermining our entire system.”

Conservative commentator and legal analyst Matt Barber elaborated that most LGBT individuals are part of a “sexual anarchy ... [a] cultural Marxist movement.”  They seek “to burn down the white picket fence,” not traditional bourgeois committed relationships.  Kincaid analyzed the Marxist backgrounds of various LGBT movement founders and declared that “Communism is not dead,” for Karl Marx called for family abolition, “not just an economic theory.”  Kincaid focused on American Communist Party member Harry Hay, whose FBI surveillance file is available at ASI’s website.  Hay wore a “NAMBLA walks with me” sign at a San Francisco gay parade and later pursued the occult as a “radical fairie.”

Journalist James Simpson explained in his presentation that actually, the “left does not care about gay rights.”  As Communist regimes indicate with their criminalization of homosexuality throughout history, the “issue is always the revolution.”  The Hungarian Marxist philosopher George Lukacs and Frankfurt School disciples created, respectively, “Cultural Terrorism” and “Critical Theory” to attack “any and all foundations of society” such as family, Christianity, and capitalism.  They supported sexual promiscuity, including explicit school sex education covering homosexuality.

Such influences very likely came to Barack Obama through his youthful Communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis.  Described by Kincaid as a “dirty old man,” Davis was a pornographer, pedophile, heavy drinker, and marijuana user who wrote Sex Rebel: Black (Memoirs of a Gash Gourmet).  Kincaid discussed how Obama has advocated National Historic Site status for the LGBT icon the Stonewall Inn, a New York City mafia-owned bar raided by police because “chickenhawks,” or older gay men, solicited boys there.  “You don’t know how far it’s going to go under the Obama administration,” he stated; he wondered whether leather men would seek protected legal status while showing a picture of a cage for holding a homosexual partner.

Peter LaBarbera from Americans for Truth about Homosexuality noted in his presentation that the LGBT movement is “all about norming what we know is not normal.”  LGBT “perversions are always expanding,” including men who dress as puppies in “puppy play.”  Any other harmful behavior like homosexuality, with its male “hyper-promiscuity” and susceptibility to diseases such as syphilis, the “new gay disease,” would face massive societal opposition.  Yet the LGBT movement has a “pathological drive” for self-acceptance, as indicated by an American soldier kissing his homosexual partner in front of a family with children, an indecent image that would not have been published in the past.  LaBarbera wondered whether SSM would demand public-school anal sex instruction in the name of equality.

“These are desperate times,” Kincaid concluded while examining an LGBT movement that has become a “monster in our midst,” as historian Paul Johnson once wrote.  California and New Jersey have prohibited sexual orientation change therapy, the latter under Republican governor Chris Christie, while California law allows for individual bathroom choice.  While discussing “DNA deniers” of male-female differences, Kincaid noted that military service for
“transgendered” individuals is now under consideration.  Taxpayers are currently paying for incarcerated army spy Bradley Manning’s hormone treatment and female underwear.  LaBarbera, meanwhile, noted the flying of the LGBT rainbow flag at various American embassies and decried that “America cannot be exceptional” while celebrating such sin.

Current Supreme Court consideration of SSM as a constitutional right is a “form of lunacy,” Kincaid stated.  ASI’s event featured a picture of the nine Supreme Court justices with the five who had previously overturned sections of the Defense of Marriage Act wearing straitjackets.  Barber noted that homosexuality was a “crime against nature” in many of the 13 original states, even punishable by death.  The Supreme Court itself had previously denied review to the 1972 Baker v. Nelson SSM case.

If, as widely expected, the Supreme Court ordains SSM, “we could be in for some severe punishment just for speaking truth,” warned LaBarbera.  Kincaid showed a photo of LaBarbera under arrest in Canada for distributing pro-life and anti-homosexuality literature (he was later acquitted).  LaBarbera noted in a slide a rising wave of “LGBTyranny” that has brought prosecution under human rights statutes of business owners not servicing LGBT events.

Amid such leftwing LGBT advances, Kincaid, in another presentation, analyzed how many on the political right had accepted this agenda.  Drawing on a recent ASI World Revolution Report on the “Homo GOP Takeover,” he stated that many elements of the “conservative media so-called” had joined a “media blackout” on LGBT criticism.  Even Fox News along with other media outlets had funded the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGA), whose recent New York City conference featured bidding on a Las Vegas Chippendales strip show.  NLGA’s media funders “will never breathe a word about what this is all about.”  “Gatekeepers” of conservative media like Fox’s Shepard Smith had appeared on a list of prominent homosexual Republicans.

LaBarbera decried an “increasingly pro-homosexual trend” at Fox, a network that now often marginalizes conservative opposition to LGBT agendas.  Yet defending natural marriage had helped President George W. Bush win in 2004 the key state of Ohio, where tens of thousands of Amish marriage supporters voted for the first time.  Likewise, the “brazen conservative” Ann Coulter “left out the gay mob” in her book Demonic: How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America and dedicated it to libertarian billionaire Peter Thiel, an open homosexual.

LGBT dominance in the media and elsewhere add to the significance of ASI’s unapologetically conservative voice on grave legal and political aspects of the sexual revolutions’ latest excesses.  The small audience for ASI’s event – about ten – was therefore all the more disappointing, indicating perhaps how effective LGBT suppression of their critics had become in America. As ASI’s speaker analyzed, however, Americans currently asleep with respect to the LGBT movement’s various far-reaching dimensions are going to receive several opportunities for a rude awakening.

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