Jeb Bush Pulls an Obama Trick

Jeb Bush did a decent job as governor of Florida, and he can sound conservative when he wants to.

Most presidential candidates start by running to their ideological base.  But Jeb is doing the opposite, running hard left.  Immigration?  Jeb is Obama II.  There isn't much daylight between Jeb and Hillary, either.

Jeb's first problem is to show the media he is not George W., who went to war in Iraq for the exact reasons he told us.  That was to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of murderous rogues – exactly the same rogues Obama has now surrendered to.

History will show that W. was right and Obama was wrong.  But meanwhile, W. has been tarred and feathered in the minds of the voters.

Obama is anti-Israel, like the rest of the hard left – the same people who worshiped Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot.  Israel and America are favorite hate objects for the left, showing that Winston Churchill was right again: our politicians are appeasing today's fascists, "hoping the crocodile will swallow them last."  It is a forlorn hope, but it might sucker the voters for a few more years.

A few months ago, Jeb Bush sent James Baker to give the keynote address at the annual J Street conference.  Then  Jeb "stressed his support for Israel" via the Washington Post.

J Street is a George Soros front.  Soros started as a hard leftist in Hungary in the later Stalin years.  Atheist Jews are much like atheist Christians – they have abandoned their community of faith in favor of a destructive utopian cult called Marxism, which worships human idols like Obama when it's convenient. 

The purpose of J Street is to destroy American support for the last national refuge for persecuted Jews around the world.

J Street does not believe in nationhood, either for America or Israel.  But the nation-state is the only security human beings have in a stunningly violent world.  People who aren't protected by a reasonably solid nation-state turn into refugees or victims. 

Jim Baker has supported the abandonment of Israel for decades, apparently believing that Israel is the "real problem" in the Middle East.  That is a delusion, of course, because Israel's surrender of half of its land would only encourage its genocidal enemies.  J Street and Jim Baker must know that.  They just don't care, any more than Obama and Hillary care in reality.

When people like Obama attack Israel and the U.S., their fantasy is an international government that will end war forever.  It just never happens in reality, because power corrupts – as we can see with Obama, the Clintons, and Jimmy Carter.

What's different about countries like the U.S. and Israel is that they work in reality.  The left just doesn't live there.  They make a point of not understanding how prosperity and freedom work. 

Muslim radicals also dream of word conquest. The Left-Muslim Axis disagrees on everything except the goal of world conquest.

Israel has been a recognized state since 1949, but today Israel is the world's lone scapegoat.  No one questions the legitimacy of the genocidal Sudan, or the sadistic regime of Iran, or the women-oppressing patriarchy of Saudi Arabia.  Even North Korea is an accepted rogue state.  Democratic and progressive Israel is the only scapegoat for the Left-Muslim Axis that now rules the U.N., Europe – and under Obama, even the United States.

So Bush's move was an Obama-esque double-talk play, and given Obama's impending surrender to nuclear weapons for the mullahs, the timing couldn't have been worse.  No political insider could miss the message of Jim Baker talking to J Street, the creation of lifelong Marxist billionaire George Soros.

For Jeb Bush to signal approval for a Soros front group on a crucial foreign policy issue is a just little bit over the top.

The whole scapegoating narrative is false.  The Saudis and Egyptians know that Israel poses no danger to them; they are working with Israel as an ally against Iranian aggression. 

Meanwhile, Obama did nothing while Iran took over Yemen, which gives the mullahs control of the strategic chokepoint to the Red Sea, with its Egyptian, Saudi, and Israeli ports, and a constant flow of oil tankers to keep the industrial world running.

I'm sorry to conclude that nobody can trust Jeb Bush today.  He's talking out of both sides of his mouth.  There is no way to know which way he will jump if he wins.  Jeb is running to the hard left, and thereby sacrificing what credibility he has.

Do you want to toss a coin on what Jeb would do in the White House?

I don't.

I'll vote for a straight talker.