Is The Black Church in Decline?

A regular reader of my articles asked me to address the decline (declining influence) of the black church. I took the opportunity to consult with my dad, a pastor of black churches for over 50 years. At 87 years old, dad is as witty, wise, and sharp as ever. He is the part-time pastor of four churches. Praise God!

Dad said he has noticed a trend in the black church to “go-along-to-get-along.” He cited big-time Baltimore black Southern Baptist pastor Donte Hickman coming out in a 30-second TV ad supporting same-sex marriage. Rev. Hickman justified his position as “fairness” and “protecting religious freedom” for all Americans. 

The Left is so insidious, notorious for promoting proposed laws and their intentions as the polar opposite of what they really are. Every small cave by the majority moves their true agenda forward.

While the mainstream media wing of Liberalism portrays Christians as intolerant aggressors, the Left is forcing Christians to not just tolerate, but approve behaviors which are against their faith. In the TV ad, Rev. Hickman promises that minsters will not be forced to perform same-sex marriage against their faith.

Meanwhile, in Idaho, a Christian minister who runs a wedding chapel faces jail time and fines for rejecting homosexual marriage. 

The Left's deceptive same-sex marriage campaign in Maryland included TV ads featuring other prominent black pastors. It is most distressing that black shepherds are being used by the Left to deceive their flocks; leading them astray.

Dad also expressed his disappointment with his conference; Baltimore-Washington United Methodist Conference. Every year for twenty years homosexuals attended in greater and greater force, demanding that homosexuals be ordained; voted down each year. Last year, the conference finally caved. Dad said one thing you have got to give them, they are patient and persistent.

I called black minister Rev. William Owens for his take on the matter. For several years, Rev. Owens has led the charge in defense of traditional marriage. He is supported by a coalition of thousands of black pastors across America. 

Rev. Owens' coalition defending traditional marriage has over 4000 pastors and has done numerous press conferences and events over several years. And yet, I suspect most of you have never heard of him. Rev. Owens said the mainstream media tries to hide their efforts.

Is the black church in decline? Rev. Owens said, “No.” He does not think the black church is in decline. He should know, working with black pastors all over the country.

He said that because of Obama, the black church has gone silent. Rev. Owens said they have chosen “race over right.” Rev. Owens is confident that once Obama is out of office, blacks will come to their senses -– coming out strongly for Godly principles.

Another bright spot is famous TV black pastor Tony Evans choosing right over race. On CNN, Rev. Evans chided Obama for supporting same-sex marriage. 

On top of this issue of whether or not the black church is in decline, Rush Limbaugh posed an interesting question. “How is it that 243 million people have allowed two million people to push 'em around on something as age-old as the definition of marriage? How does that happen?”

Summarizing Rush's answer to his question: The Left has Americans believing homosexuals are over 30% of the population while the latest Gallup survey has them at only slightly over 2%. Add in the Democrat party championing their cause, homosexuals dominating Hollywood and TV production, subliminal indoctrination, intimidation and fear; all culminating into people basically acquiescing to it. 

I am not going to lie to you folks -- black pastors choosing “race over right” and people “acquiescing” to the Left's agenda, is discouraging. However, before ending our phone conversation, Dad said he believes that though things will get worse before getting better, in the end, God's side wins.

A hard reality hit me between the eyes. Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death.” It is becoming clear that a Christian standing up for their faith, freedom, and liberty in America may not face physical, but political, social, and economic death. They will be branded haters, causing many to scramble to distance themselves as not to get caught in the splatter from the Left's shotgun blast of rage. If and when I find myself in the Left's cross-hairs targeted for termination, will I be willing to sacrifice my life?

I pray that through His Grace, I will.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee