Is Obama as naive about Iran as he claims to be?

Obama just peddled another “Iran only wants peace” interview with Jeffrey Goldberg, a reliable leftist propagandist.

But is Obama really as naïve as he pretends to be?

Jimmy Carter did nothing when Ayatollah Khomeini’s fanatics overthrew the shah of Iran forty years ago.  Our U.N. representative, Andrew Young, said he thought the ayatollah was “just some kind of spiritual leader.”

Like Martin Luther King, Jr. or Gandhi.

In fact, the Partition that followed Gandhi’s goal of Indian Independence killed an estimated four million Hindus and Muslims, a completely predictable outcome that liberals always want to forget.  Gandhi brought Indian Independence at the cost of an enormous religious war.

When Ayatollah Khomeini took over Iran in 1979, he immediately tried to overthrow the Saudi ruling family on the other side of the Gulf, using Shi’ite pilgrims to Mecca, and then got entangled in a war with Saddam that killed a million people.  The ayatollah’s generals ordered suicide charges against Saddam’s minefields and artillery positions, some by teenage boys on motorcycles, who blew themselves up to clear the way for Iran’s assault troops.  According to Soeren Kern, the boys wore green plastic signs proclaiming, “A Key to Paradise.”  This is still a source of national pride in Iran, where the suiciders are celebrated on Martyrs’ Day.  When you see TV images of smiling ayatollahs today, never forget that that was the generation that fought the war with Saddam.

The ayatollah was so unwilling to stop that war that he called the peace agreement “a knife in my heart.”

Some Gandhi.  Some Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today, Obama is peddling his own “peaceful spiritual leader” tale to liberals who desperately want to believe that Iran is rational – not a suicide-celebrating war cult, as they have screamed to the world every day for the last forty years.  Self-deluded liberals still want to believe Obama’s soothing talk, even after six years of flagrant lies about Iranian nukes, while co-president Val Jarrett was having secret surrender talks with the mullahs.

The Saudis and Egyptians don’t believe a word of Obama’s tale.  They have no illusions about the Khomeini cult.  They take Armageddon talk literally, and they know a hell of a lot more than Americans do.  Sunnis have fought Shi’ites for more than a thousand years.

Which is why Saudi Arabia is now openly buying nuclear weapons and forming a military alliance with other Gulf States to resist Iran’s ever growing aggression.

Contrary to Obama’s soothing denials, ISIS is constantly expanding its territory in Iraq and Syria, based on a war theology that threatens to kill the infidel world, just like Iran’s war theology on the Shi’ite side.

Four-star Admiral James “Ace” Lyons  (USN, ret.) has repeatedly stated, in public, that the United States government is deeply penetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood – as we can see from Hillary’s “personal aide” Huma Abedin, who has lifelong links to the Ikhwan.  In the Hillary campaign, nobody is allowed to ask questions, especially about Huma.  Hillary is running a stealth campaign, because she can’t afford to reveal how deeply her campaign is penetrated.

Please remember that word, “Ikhwan,” which comes straight from the fascist movements of the 1920s and ’30s.  The Nazis would call it the Broederbund.  The Ikhwan was founded in 1928 as a Muslim version of the Nazis and fascists.  Forty years ago, they assassinated Egypt’s Anwar Saddat for making peace with Israel, and more recently they overthrew President Hosni Mubarak, in collusion with Barack Hussein Obama in 2011.

In Egypt, the Ikhwan was thrown out of power by then-general El Sisi, with the active aid of the Saudis.  Today, President El Sisi is still engaged in a hot war against the Ikhwan.

El Sisi is far and away the sanest voice in the Muslim world today.  But he isn’t getting any help from Obama.  Obama has an inexplicable yen for the most extreme factions of the Muslim world.

What does all that have to do with Iranian nukes?  Well, ideologically the Ikhwan is the same as the Khomeini cult.  Their slogan is “We only want to die in the way of Allah” – meaning bloody jihad.  The Ikhwan is an international network with deep penetration in the United States, Jordan, Turkey, and Qatar – the three most obvious supporters of ISIS.

ISIS is the Ikhwan caliphate-to-be.

The goal of ISIS is to create a Sunni empire.  ISIS has the sophisticated, high-level backing and leadership to create another caliphate in Iraq and the Levant – the shore of the Eastern Mediterranean, including Lebanon, Israel, and Syria.  ISIS pretends to be a cult of murderous barbarians – which it is – but it gets huge funding and support from Saddam Hussein’s old Ba’ath Party, from Turkey, Qatar, and the Ikhwan.

Iran is already an “Islamic revolutionary republic.”  To become a caliphate, all it needs is a name change.

We are therefore seeing the self-proclaimed rise of three separate Muslim caliphates in the Middle East – because the Turks want their own “neo-Ottoman” empire.

All three caliphate movements keep telling us exactly what they are planning, but the West lives in its usual denial.  Deep denial is our standard idiocy when confronting existential threats – Stalin, Hitler, and now fast-growing Muslim aggression, subversion, sabotage, massive propaganda, influence-buying, and societal penetration.

Scratch any liberal, and you’ll hear complete denial and self-inflicted ignorance.  Their ignorance and cowardice are exploited by Obama and his kind.

We have seen suicide-preaching aggressors before – most obviously the Japanese Divine Emperor Cult, and Hitler toward the end of World War II.  But liberals censor that history, making them blind as bats to clear and present dangers.

Obama is supposed to know about Islam, including the “five pillars” – jihad being one of the five absolute obligations of every Muslim.  When we see escalating butcheries by ISIS on YouTube, we should understand that they are deliberately signaling the civilized world.  Islam has always used the threat of terror, and ISIS is doing that job today.  If you can terrorize your enemy into submission, you don’t even have to kill all of them.

In fact, the Saudis and Iran carry on similar bloody regimes without media coverage, thanks to our ignorant and cowardly media.  They covered up Saddam’s reign of terror.  Today they are covering for the mullahs.

Obama knows all that.  So does Valerie Jarrett, who was raised in a Muslim family.  They both know about jihad.  When Obama’s mother brought him to Jakarta, the local jihadists had just suffered a huge defeat at the hands of General Suharto.  Obama attended four years of school in Jakarta, until age 10.

As the Jesuits used to say, “give me a boy before he is seven, and we will have him for life.”  Childhood indoctrination works, and you can see it in the Muslim world every single day.  ( is a good place to start.)

Back to my title: is Obama really as naïve and ignorant as he pretends to be?

It’s hardly possible.