How Did We Get Here?

A Transformed World

We have a president whose motto is, “Drone on and carry a selfie stick.”  Our inchoate leader is a man so intent on providing Iran with the opportunity to become a nuclear-armed state and dominant, regional hegemon, that it does not matter to him what the mullahs say or do (seize a ship here, seize a ship there, so what?).  

He deftly spins every provocation as if it is either no big deal, or another reason Iran should amicably be brought into the fold of nations with the proposed Obama Accords, a fake treaty codifying the mullah’s path to nuclear thughood, because the agreement is the only thing standing between Armageddon and peace.

Iran, the world’s most prolific supporter of terrorism and probably the one country most adamant in its call for our national demise. For three decades the official motto of the mullahs has been “Death to America!”

Yet, Barry wants to give them a nuclear weapon?

What could possibly go wrong with that?   

All hail Dear Leader!

Hillary and Our Future

Our presumptive next president is a habitual liar with a sociopathic ability to not care one whit that anyone recognizes her serial untruths. Hillary and Bill are America’s original trailer-trash and the country’s first Sprat power-couple. 

With apologies to Monica, once he realized she would eat no fat, he decided he would eat no lean.

They run their non-profit, eponymously named the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation as one would operate a criminal enterprise -- everything is for sale, with only the price negotiable. Progressives whine there is no “smoking gun.”  Still, it has been alleged that then Secretary of State Hillary facilitated State Department approval of the sale of a good portion of our nation’s uranium production (20%) to a Canadian company with connections to Vladimir Putin’s new Russia. 

All for piddling multi-million dollar donations to the foundation. Of course, anyone who sees a quid pro quo in this is part of the vast right-wing conspiracy that has had it out for the poor Clintons for many years. 

As an aside, Bill’s price for a 30-minute speech went from $100,000 to $500,000 when First Lady Hill became Secretary Hill, but, he has “gotta pay the bills.”  After all, he worked a couple of hours a day on them…and, he was on probably on his feet for most of that time. 

So I guess, we gotta pay Bill.

We all know about Hillary’s communications protocol as secretary of state, where she installed and maintained, throughout her tenure, her own private server, in an apparently successful effort to keep her emails out of the public record.  When asked for any communications pertaining to her service, she deleted everything but the printed pages she submitted and then deliberately scrubbed the server, just in case anyone were to ever try to recover anything relevant.

And, this is the person who is the frontrunner to be the next president of the United States?

There are so many examples of First Lady, senator, secretary of state, and candidate Hillary blatantly lying about just about everything and I could easily go on for pages and pages, but all the machinations of Hillary, Billary and Che, are just too depressing to list over and over again. If you haven’t heard it all already, it has to be because you don’t care.

In any case, what difference, at this point, does it make? 

Bad Boys in Baltimore

Then there is Baltimore. Forget that a man, not guilty or suspected of any specific crime, was chased down and arrested because he made eye contact with a police officer and was carrying a penknife. Forget that it strains credibility that this man could be put into the back of a police wagon, cuffed, and in good enough health to have run from the police, yet emerge with a severed spinal cord. Some seem to want us to believe that this was all his own fault.

One cannot be human without feeling sympathy for Freddie Gray, but, should this excuse all that has happened afterward?     

There was mass rioting. Everyone agrees that riots occurred. Yet, many think calling the rioters “thugs,” is somehow a racist epithet, thereby disqualifying the thug-namer from contributing to any further discussion. 


Have we become so compromised as a nation under the tutelage of our first post-racial, post-partisan president that some are driven to maim the English language in a never-ending pursuit of racial insult? 

I swear, I never heard of dog whistling before the ascendance of poor Barry to the throne. Now, it seems that any observation about the man, or the behavior of minorities, if not supportive, is immediately labeled a racist dog whistle.

Why can’t we simply dislike the man because he is a sophistic, solipsist simpleton, in way over his head, whose policies are putting the nation on the fast track to being a banana republic?

Why can’t the rioters be “thugs?” Is it just because they are black? What difference should that make? If one behaves like a thug, rioting, burning businesses and attacking police, why should the color of one’s skin have anything to do with him being a thug or not?

Bride and Shoe

Last but not least, in this truncated listing of American absurdity there is gay marriage. When did we become a nation where someone can walk into a bakery and demand, “Bake me a cake, or else?”

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with same-sex marriage. In fact, I don’t care who anyone marries. I would quickly offer to bake the cake, or even make pizza for the event. Full disclosure: I do not bake cakes or make pizza any longer, but if required, I can be an accomplished intermediary. 

Hell, I do not care.  If a woman wanted to marry her shoe, I would even attend the wedding and that’s not just because I would be dying to see the figurines atop the cake. You know, “Bride and Shoe.” 

I think a nice Louboutin with its trademark red heel would make a nice color complement to the icing. Can you imagine that ornament sitting in a couple’s freezer for 20 years? 

The big question is, what would they do with the other shoe?

Perhaps it could be donated to the Barack Obama Presidential Library; he has always had one foot in his mouth anyway.