And Then a Hero Comes Along: Mike Flynn

Perhaps what I am about to say has nothing to do with conservative Mike Flynn running for Congress, Illinois or it has everything to do with it. While painting my garage doors, I thought about how the Left is exposing our kids in public schools to sexual activities as early as kindergarten. 

Experts say such early exposure creates sexual confusion and fetishes in children. 

And yet, GOP politicians and a majority of Americans are becoming increasingly passive, allowing the Left to have its way with our kids' minds. I wonder if God will judge us for not protecting the least of His little ones.

Shamefully, Republicans have allowed the Democrats' narrative that police routinely murder blacks to go unchallenged. This has painted targets on the backs of America's police officers. Weakness from the GOP has nothing to do with Mike Flynn running for Congress in Illinois, or does it?

Have you heard anyone in the GOP push back against the Democrats' “white privilege” nonsense? I think not. The “white privilege” narrative is simply another despicable scheme to convince blacks they are victims which lays the groundwork for more spending on failed government programs and more handouts to keep blacks voting Democrat. Disgusting.

The Left is perverted. Not only have they laid a guilt trip on white kids by claiming that being born white gives them an unfair advantage, now they say having good parents is also unfair. A recent article says reading bedtime stories to your child gives them an unfair advantage. Don't laugh, folks. Before you know it, the Democrats and their mainstream media co-conspirators could shame Americans into not reading to their kids. Are there any conservative leaders pushing back against the Democrats' racial divisiveness and attacks on family values? Did I mention that conservative Mike Flynn is running for Congress – Illinois?

I saw a headline on the Fox Nation website that Republican House Majority leader, John Boehner caved to Obama, again! This time, Boehner gave Obama more power regarding trade. We need conservative warriors and heroes, folks.

Mike Flynn promises that when he tells voters he is going to fight for conservative values in Washington, that is exactly what he is going to do. I believe him, folks. Flynn says he is tired of supporting Republicans who promise to be conservatives on the campaign trail, then get to Washington and fall into the DC insider corruption. We can all give Flynn an amen on that. 

Our greatest nemesis is not the Left, Democrats or Obama. It is passivity. Thank God for a candidate like Mike Flynn who gets it. Flynn says that the corrupt Aaron Schock who resigned and Darin LaHood, the Obama minion running for his seat live in the political world. They feel entitled, feeling the rules do not apply to them. Spoken like a true leader, Flynn says we cannot just look with frustration at these people and say they should not do that. It is incumbent upon us as the people and voters to rise up and say, no more! We're gonna kick you out if you do this. That's the kind of commitment and backbone we patriots long to see in DC.

Darin LaHood, who is challenging Mike Flynn in the Illinois-18 special election to fill Schock's seat has accepted contributions and support from the Main Street Partnership -- a union-funded organization committed to defeating conservatives in Republican primaries.

This race is being characterized as the corrupt political Establishment verses grassroots conservatives (the Tea Party). Thus, the national importance of this race. 

It was reported that over the Memorial Day weekend, 18 people were shot in Baltimore drug feuds. Thirty-three people were killed so far in May in Baltimore.  By Monday evening, the number of shootings over the weekend in Baltimore rose to a record-breaking 28, 9 fatal

Meanwhile, Obama, Democrats and the mainstream media have millions of Americans believing that America's police are the problem, posing the biggest threat to the lives of blacks. Lord help us.

Oh, by the way, conservative Mike Flynn is running for congress Illinois. The special election is July 7, 2015. Our rock-solid conservative Tea Party candidate fighting to restore America needs all the help you can give. God Bless.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee