Who authorized Obama to kick over the nuclear balance?

The whole world now understands President Obama’s caudillo style, his autocratic style of governance. We know about the abuse of the IRS, the Department of Justice and our immigration system. We see his contempt for the constitutional powers of Congress. Yet even the US Supreme Court has ducked any chance to restrain him.

American presidents have a lot more free rein in foreign affairs compared to the domestic side, and here Obama has done his worst. When NATO assaulted Libya in 2011 without provocation, Obama was asked whether Congress shouldn’t have a role under the War Powers Act. He just laughed.

As a result, we are now viewed with suspicion by our allies, and we’re laughed at by our enemies. Obama shows no compassion at all --- especially to Muslims, who have died by the tens and hundreds of thousands in Syria, Libya, Egypt and now Yemen, following actions by this president. Al Qaida is stronger than ever, and ISIS receives direct support from Obama’s “friends” in Turkey and Qatar.

George W. Bush was witch-hunted for years by the media after the Iraq invasion, but no liberal newspaper can be heard complaining about Obama’s reckless interventions in the Middle East. There are no constraints on Obama.

Still his most dangerous move has been to kick over the nuclear balance in the Middle East.

I’ve never met a liberal who understood how the balance of nuclear power kept the Cold War cold for six decades. The same balance of terror kept the peace between India and Pakistan after the 1970s, when both countries exploded nukes. In the Middle East, Israel’s never-used nuclear weapons helped to sustain the forty-year Peace Treaty with Egypt, because both sides knew that Israel would never be the first to use nuclear weapons. Before Obama, the United States also kept things under control in close coordination with our allies.

From Truman to Bush we had allies who understood and supported us to protect themselves. Today they are frantically arming up, because we have destroyed their trust. Obama has made the world more dangerous.

We are no longer the good cop in the Middle East.  Iran’s proxies now control nearly all of Lebanon, much of Iraq and Syria, and most recently Yemen. The mullahs have systematically driven a strategic pincer around Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt. Yemen has closed the trap.

Liberals never seem to understand two basic points about nukes. 

  1. Rational powers never use nukes aggressively, for fear of being destroyed by a nuclear opponent. After Stalin’s death, the USSR became increasingly rational. China, Britain and France have had nuclear weapons without ever using them. The United States used nuclear weapons only once, against a non-nuclear Japan, to put an end to the Second World War. Since then no rational nation has ever used a nuclear weapon.  
  2. Irrational powers are completely different. The Kim dynasty in Pyongyang and the Armageddon priesthood in Tehran can’t be relied on to play it safe. They sound delighted to use nuclear weapons even at mortal risk to themselves. It’s impossible to know if they are lying or not. Nobody knows, including the rogues themselves.

Every single day the mullahs make their school children and Basiji thugs chant Death to Israel! Death to America! The whole purpose of that exercise in fanatical hatred is to scare the world. Like the Kims of North Korea, the mullahs get off on sounding crazy about nukes.

Which is why Obama’s surrender to the mullahs does not mean peace in our time. It could mean the opposite. As Churchill said to Chamberlain, "You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour, and you will have war." In the following year, 1939, the Nazis invaded Poland and Churchill’s prediction came true.  

Obama is now openly letting the mullahs threaten genocide against Israel and the Sunni Arabs. Iran is Shi’ite, and the Sunni Arabs are apostates. They deserve death. Israel is also subject to Armageddon. (So are Europe and America, unless we surrender first.)

Neither the Saudis nor the Israelis take the threat lightly, and if necessary they will strike first.

Obama has therefore significantly increased the risk of nuclear war. So much for that old Nobel Peace Prize.

A Sunni-Israel alliance is emerging. The Saudis are allied with Egypt, and Israel is secretly cooperating with them against the Iranian threat.

When the cop on the beat gets drunk, the neighborhood doesn’t suddenly become safer. Instead, the crooks take over, like some Chicago neighborhoods.

Obama’s has promised that Iran can now act like “a regional power,” and the United States won’t intervene. But Iran doesn’t want to be a regional power. Islam is a world-conquering faith, and they want it all.

The Jesuits used to say “give me a boy before he is seven, and we will have him for life.” Obama went to an Indonesian madrassa between age six and ten. Obama knows about jihad.

The mullahs have already used Hezb’allah to infiltrate South America. They have deep tentacles into Argentina. On the other extreme, ISIS was just reported to be running a training camp in Mexico, just 8 miles from the Texas border.

As bad as Obama is domestically, in foreign policy he is downright dangerous. That’s what happens when the Left falls in love with a radical leftist with lifelong anger problems.

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