UK Islamists Lay Down the Law

I'll let the Western Morning News (based in the English West Country) tell you about a new document which has just been published by the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB):

“The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) – an umbrella body representing a wide range of Muslim organisations – has drawn up a list of key commitments which they suggest Muslim voters may wish seek from would-be MPs...

“With all the opinion polls pointing to an extremely tight contest, the MCB estimates that there are more than 40 constituencies where the votes of Muslims 'can make a difference' to the outcome....

“It is also highly critical of the Government’s Prevent counter-radicalisation strategy which is supposed to stop people getting drawn into extremism...” (2nd April, 2015)

More specifically, what follows is a commentary upon the ten points ('Muslim Vote Pledge') which can be found in the MCB's publication, 'Fairness, Not Favours'.

This is how the uncritical and unquestioning Our Birmingham (16th April, 2015) also describes that document:

“Fairness, Not Favours presents a consensus view amongst its affiliates of the issues affecting British Muslims ahead of the 2015 General Election...

“MCB hopes it will serves as a useful guide for incumbent and prospective Parliamentary candidates, and for local Muslim communities seeking to engage in political dialogue...”

Faux moderate Muslims like the Muslim Council of Britain (which is the UK's CAIR) keep on telling us that Islam and politics are utterly separate. It often says, for example, that "Islam isn't the same as Islamism". Yet Islam itself has always been political in that sharia law is at the heart of Islam and sharia law covers all aspects of life: from the private to the political (e.g., to the nature of an Islamic state/government).

And, above and beyond (basic) Islam and sharia law, there's also the explicit politics of what the MCB is doing here. The MCB is basically telling British Muslims -- as all Islamists do -- to become political Muslims. The MCB is telling British Muslims that Islam should be at the heart of their politics. In this, it is taking the same position as the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and the Morsi regime in Egypt before it was overthrown.

What better definition of Islamism could you possibly want?

The MCB's Ten Commandments (or 'Pledges')

1) “Commit to proactively engage with a broad and representative spectrum of the British Muslim community.”

Translation: The British government and all non-Muslim authorities must proactively engage with the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and other Islamists.

2) “Defend the right of Muslims -- and people of all faiths -- to live their faith be that in religious clothing, food and reasonable accommodation of religious observance.”

Translation: The British Government and all non-Muslim authorities must defend the right of Muslims (particularly Islamists) to live by sharia law. That includes Islamic clothing, food and all the other private (family) and political aspects of sharia law.

3) “Pledge to undertake meaningful action to combat Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and all forms of racism.”

Translation: The British government and all non-Muslim authorities must pledge to undertake strong legal actions to combat the criticism of Islam and the prophet Muhammed. Such actions should include the banning, prosecution and imprisoning of the groups and individuals who criticize Islam and the prophet Muhammed. Sharia blasphemy law should also be implemented in the UK. It should at first go under 'hate crimes' law; or under legislation which currently deals with racial crimes.

4) “Enhance our democracy by increasing participation of minorities and women in politics and public life.”

Translation: The British Government and all non-Muslim authorities must enhance the political power of Muslims and Islamism (as best represented by the MCB) in the UK. There should be more Muslims agitating for a specifically Islamic agenda in all walks of life: from Parliament to local councils and from police bodies to university campuses

5) “Uphold civil liberties and re-build trust with communities when tackling crime and terrorism.”

Translation: The British Government and all non-Muslim authorities must uphold the civil liberties of Muslims, Islamists, and Islamic terrorists. They must also rebuild trust with Muslim communities by stopping all action against Islamic terrorism and Islamic extremism; as well as against Muslim criminals (such as against the members of Muslim sexual-grooming gangs).

6) “Develop an inclusive National Curriculum reflecting the diverse religious, ethnic and cultural identity of Britain today.”

Translation: The British Government and all non-Muslim authorities must develop an inclusive National Curriculum that fully accommodates Islam and all aspects of sharia law. This initial accommodation will be a prelude to the acceptance (in law) of full Islamic schools which will have complete independence from the (non-Muslim) state and indeed from all secular institutions and authorities.

7) “Address structural economic and social inequalities that prevent minority communities from taking a full part in British life.”

Translation: The British Government and all non-Muslim authorities must address the structural, economic and social inequalities that prevent Muslims communities from Islamizing British life. These structural and economic inequalities are, after all, largely a result of Muslims coming from Islamic backgrounds and living largely Islamic lives. Nonetheless, Muslims should be recompensed for such things with positive discrimination and the Islamization of UK society.

8) “Promise a fair and equal approach to educational provision be that in faith schools or in state schools with large Muslim populations.”

Translation: The British Government and all non-Muslim authorities must promise Muslims that they will be allowed to attend Islamic schools. In addition, Muslims in non-Muslim schools should be given a full Islamic education and other Islamic provisions. Muslim students are also encouraged to attend either Islamic schools or schools with Muslim majorities.

9) “Support a binding recognition of Palestine as an independent and sovereign state.”

Translation: The British Government and all non-Muslim authorities must support a binding recognition of Palestine as an independent and sovereign state. This will be the first step towards reclaiming the whole of historic Palestine (“From the River to the Sea”) from the imperialist and racist Jews. So despite the fact that there is massive persecution and killing of non-Muslims (specifically Christians) in virtually every Muslim country, we at the MCB feel it fit to comment on only one area of the Middle East in our ten commandments to British politicians and authorities. We shall further the cause of Palestine (therefore Islam) by deploying racist memes against Israelis and Jews. These will include the purported fact that Israel is the only “racist apartheid state” in the world and the only country which “institutionalises racism”. Thus these racist memes against Jews will be used to propagate the idea that it is the Israelis and Jews who are racist. (The useful Jews -- nearly always Marxists or quasi-Marxists -- who are against Israel and Zionism are, of course, the honorable exceptions to all this.)

10) “Uphold an ethical and consistent UK foreign policy with human rights, poverty alleviation and justice.”

Translation: The British Government must not involve itself in any Muslim country; unless specifically requested to do so by the Muslim community of Britain (such as in cases of aid or charity). The British Government must also concern itself with the sharia rights and poverty of Muslims throughout the world; though it must never militarily intervene in Muslim countries. The Government must also be committed to justice for Muslims (as defined by Muslims and specifically by the MCB). Basically, the British Government must take full responsibility for all the bad things that are happening -- and have happened -- in the Middle East and in the Muslim world generally. Islamic extremism and terrorism are solely a response to what non-Muslim Western governments have done in the Muslim world. Indeed before the breakup of the Ottoman Empire in 1922 and the Balfour Declaration of 1917, the Muslim world was an abode of peace, democracy and prosperity.

The Islamist Muslim Council of Britain feels the need to hijack non-Islamic 'discourse' (to use a word from Marxism, post-structuralism, etc.) when attempting to Islamize the UK. For example, it does so when it refers to “anti-Semitism and all forms of racism” or “minorities and women”. In other words, the MCB has to pretend that it's fighting against all forms of racism, discrimination, social injustice, etc.

The MCB, however, is most certainly not fighting against all forms of racism discrimination, social injustice, etc. -- the opposite is the case. It's fighting exclusively against what it sees as discrimination against Muslims and indeed against Islam.

Again and again the MCB disingenuously uses the language of the non-Islamic West in order to advance positions and views which are distinctly Islamic (therefore non-Western) in nature. This works primarily because nearly all the non-Muslim politicians and activists the MCB engages with know next to nothing about Islam. What's more, they often know even less about the MCB's own brand of Islamism and what it is truly aiming for in this country. Thus such duplicitous MCB doublespeak (e.g., uses of PC, Leftist and interfaith jargon) is quite literally taken at face value by such non-Muslim enablers of Islam.