Today is an Epic Anniversary

There are moments in history when we are called upon to stand up in behalf of a great and transcendent cause. Now is such a moment. Today, April 23rd, 2015 marks the 67th year of Israel’s independence. For many, Israel’s survival and success represents Ground Zero in our fight to save the world from the barbarism marching across the globe under the banner of the Crescent.  

The battle raging today between those who wish to delegitimize and destroy Israel, as opposed to those who see its establishment as a miraculous and inspired saga (the Hand of God), is another chapter in that old battle between the forces of light vs. the forces of darkness, the spirit of the Divine against the stench of idolatry, freedom and dignity vs. tyranny and debasement of humankind. It is our battle, and it’s our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fight the good fight and stand against the impurity of the cynics and scoffers on the left and the barbarians at the gate. We are lucky to be living in a time when our turn at the plate is crucial and all-defining.

The land of Israel and its connection to the Jewish people is singular. It is the only land that God assigned to a particular people as a Covenant between Him and that people. Equally striking is how after almost 2,000 years of Exile, a people returned to its land of origin and restored it to its intended promise. Zionism is an epoch phenomenon in the history of mankind. No one would have thought such a thing possible except the ancient prophets who foretold it and the believers who, over centuries, kept faith. No one during the dark days of destruction could have anticipated today’s renascent Jewish state… no one except God, the author of history.

Though four world empires conquered the land during the Jewish exiles, only the returned Jewish people were able to revive it and bring forth its fruit and celebration. For the land is their bride. God gave them Israel: Judea and Samaria. Jews toiled and sacrificed to resurrect it; they possessed it fairly, and have died for it. It belongs to the Jewish people biblically, historically, legally, morally, and for reasons of personal sacrifice and devotion. They have conducted themselves nobly and fairly, far better than their never-ending critics and detractors.

Israel is a country of innovation, humanity, hard work and sacrifice. In contrast, those wishing to liquidate Israel believe in repression, subjugation, cruelty, destruction, and a racism and religious supremacism. Families and those wishing to build flock to Israel; volunteers for ISIS and its sport of beheadings and crucifixions head for the lands of Israel’s enemies. We should choose and vigorously support the side that represents enlightenment and decency, not the side that uses its children as suicide bombers and has unquenchable hate for other people. Though the Left romanticizes the enemies of Israel, they are not yet that emotionally diseased to actually move to them with their children.

Those in the Arab and Moslem world arrayed against Israel speak of instituting another Holocaust and gleefully celebrate the death of Jews in and out of Israel. For Islam, this is not a local battle over a few parcels of land near Jerusalem, but the desire and implementation of jihad against Israel and the West, against Jews and Christians, all scripturally considered infidels who must either convert, be murdered, or live as third class slaves under a ferocious and marching Islam. If the Israelis make a military blunder or allow the world to pressure them into “peaceful” surrender, they will be slaughtered. Israel’s enemies, as well as Iran, have said so… many times. Is Mr. Obama unaware? I suspect not.

What is at stake is not only Israel and western civilization, but the veracity of the Bible. Islam makes its claim against Israel by citing its Koran and in rejecting the clear message and facts of our Bible. If we lose, we lose more than territory and freedom. Islam will declare its theology and view of how life should be lived as vindicated and supreme and, together with its new converts, be emboldened to cruelly subjugate the world.

The political hard left will also rejoice if Israel is defeated. It has partnered with Islam, and provides the Islamic side with money, talent, strategy and power so as to strait-jacket, shrink and defeat Israel and conservative America. It hopes to topple our traditional and historic Judeo-Christian ethos. It is employing its entire arsenal of weapons against Israel, as well as against American Scripture-based Christianity. For the left and Islam, the campaign and battles against Israel and conservative America are parts of the same major war.

The Islamic/political left axis shamelessly exploits terms such as compassion, morality, fairness… and uses guilt. They have fabricated false narratives and enforce their destructive political correctness through bullying and threats. Political correctness actually is: the diminishment of ourselves and our history in service to those who wish to make us a secondary, and themselves primary, in the new society they want to build. It’s the tool, the weapon, for “transforming” countries.

They dishonestly intone our most cherished values of freedom and equality to make us collaborators for approving an Islamic/Palestinian state of tyranny and inequality, which will enforce practices that are the antithesis of our heritage and civil decency.

It is only fitting that proponents of the Judeo-Christian outlook and a strong America stand up for Israel now, since our Judeo-Christian beliefs and American foundations began back in the Holy Land. For the first time in 2,000 years, world events are finally bringing together biblical Christians and serious Jews in common cause against an enemy determined to vanquish us through outright terror and stealth insinuation and takeover of our institutions. Our enemy wants nothing less than our capitulation, surrender.

Christian Zionists and other people of morality and sensible outlook display true character, courage, and principle when standing for Israel and against Islamism, leftwing dogmas, trendy political clichés, and other idolatries plaguing our society.  The battle is now. It’s the call of a lifetime, bringing to the fore, the best and strongest elements within our persona and spirit.  Those who support Israel are on the correct side of history and are doing right by God and morality. Happy Birthday Israel… and many more.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero is author of Why Israel Matters to You and president of Caucus for America.