Testing the Left

One of the easiest ways to unhinge the Left is to question what it really cares about. But to test the veracity of what the Left preaches is to question not what they care about, but how they care… Such a test immediately reveals that Leftist “caring” is all a ruse. The Left really doesn’t care about much of anything except for itself. 

Oh sure, they begin the fanfare of dramatically defining the “problem.”  But the so-called problem is always falsely defined, generally manufactured through the creation of a social “crisis” of their own making -- which is specifically designed to incite violence. Through this sleight of hand, they make sure that all attention is upon them, poised to rip anyone to shreds who doesn’t agree with the legitimacy of their cause. Yet all the while, their true end game is to gain power over others, forcing their failed social programs down other people’s throats. 

In reality, it’s quickly obvious that they care little about the success of their programs because rarely do they ever follow up and test whether or not their Leftist programs have helped anybody but themselves and their own parades. And there’s the rub… Rarely, if ever, does the Left actually follow up and test whether their programs actually help or hinder their proposed targets. They don’t care. They care only about the power they amass in the process.    

Violent, ginned-up racial riots as seen in Ferguson, New York City, and Baltimore are all examples of bastions of decades-old Leftist “wrong-direction” failed ideology. When the Left rules for any length of time, our cities tend to ruination, not only evidenced by recent tragedies, but those historical failures attested to in Detroit, Los Angeles, and Cleveland. 

Especially hurt in these burrows of Leftist experimentation are black families, which unfortunately tend to keep the Left in control of their own demise. It’s not news that the Left maintains its own “Black Plantations” by ensuring that only their failed economic policies run the burrows and only failed unionized public schools educate their children. Everyone knows about Leftist school and social-community “controlled” problems have become insulated from real change, while all growth potentials hibernate. Overrun by “Leftist by Design” governmental bureaucracies, private business cannot thrive -- nor without “real” school choice will children ever get a fair shake. And the list goes on and on. The Left suffocates anything that breathes, while blaming America and its uniformed finest (the police) for the woes of its own manufacturing.

Everyone now knows that most everything that fails in the inner cities is directly related to failed Leftist/Socialist et al administrations. But Leftist administrations tellingly never seem interested in reflecting upon how their once trumpeted racially-biased political platforms actually played out in real life. They never even have shown the slightest interest in discovering that their own systems of government have proven false -- their own premises misguided, damaging whole communities and individual families. They have selfishly never even asked how to fix their own errors of judgment and make the situation better for everyone. The Left will seemingly never repent…

But surely, if you really cared and were really interested in helping others, you would perform some worthy and exacting measure to determine how and if the governmental programs instituted were actually working and helping those intended.  Surely, such measures and interest would lead to the means of improving such programs; cutting the fat, making them leaner and stronger while ensuring the people’s money was not wasted.

But that hardly ever happens. Leftist social programs are never to be changed, remaining under bloated protection for their own purposes. Their answer to all “problems” is to continuously throw more public money at it, never changing direction, never abandoning a faulty premise no matter how socially destructive it truly becomes. The Left never seem to care about anything but furthering the imposition and implementation of their already failed agendas over and over again. Truly, they’re not interested in “success,” but how much power they can attain through the turmoil of “crisis.”

Why, we ask? Because through such failure, they have continually habitualize the course of creating ever more “crisis” to their advantage, securing their absolute tyrannical control through the decades, spreading the lie of the advantages of their leadership. And once they have managed to institute control, their own egos are saturated with the selected memories of the blind legacies of their failed programs, which, they assert, prove how much they really cared for others. How wonderful they really appear to themselves, basking in their own false glory….

How long it will take for folks, especially black families among other minorities, to finally awaken to the realities of these destructive shenanigans is hard to say. How many more Leftist failures do they have to personally witness before they demand real consequential and measureable change for the better in their own personal lives? Even though some of our cities have been bankrupted from 30+ years of such failed leadership, the hapless “entitled” residents are still voting for Democrats, choosing what they imagine are the “freebies” in exchange for their own personal liberties and freedoms. All the while the “victims” continually support the failed agendas of the Left, while unwittingly blaming everybody else for throwing them the real lifeline. In the end, it appears that you can fool some of the people all the time….        

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