Obama's UN Ambitions

Why does Obama do dangerous and irrational things? By now half of American voters have pretty much figured him out as a power-hungry and self-serving Chicago pol with strange Muslim sympathies, and damn the U.S. Constitution and the law.

A lot of Obama’s actions make no sense in terms of American politics, where even the Democrats are running away from their messiah of yesteryear. The radical Left, which runs the Democrats today, is now yearning for Liz Warren to be their newest false prophet. She looks younger than Hillary, and the left likes to flatter itself as being the party of the young and good looking.

Obama’s eyes have always been on the biggest prize in the world, the virtual Presidency of the Planet. He has been signaling (the way he always does) to the fantasists of the Left, the people who think world government is the answer. That’s the point of the global warming scam and similar power grabs. It is also why Obama pretends that the UN can guarantee the Iranian nuclear surrender, rather than the U.S. Senate, as required by the Constitution.

This is Tony Blair’s Third Way Socialism, the Marxist ideology that runs the European Union. The key is for the socialist power caste to use the economic efficiencies of capitalism to leverage their own power. That is Obama’s political game, and to make it work he will play footsie with Wall Street, robber barons, and theofascists in Iran.

That is also why Israel’s safety and security had to be sacrificed to the Iranians, along with the safety of Iran’s Arab enemies. The inevitable result is nuclear proliferation, and the Saudis are giving out hints they are getting armed up.

Obama needs those “57 Muslim states” to become UN secretary general, once a Democrat nominates him. He can count on Eurosocialists, and he may be trading away Eastern Europe to Putin to get Russia’s support

Obama is all about self-glorification and power, and even after two terms as president his hunger for more is not abated. He would need a personality replacement to change. The best hypothesis is that he has been using the presidency to collect IOU’s from Muslim nations, and probably from Putin and the rest. Obama didn’t resist China’s gigantic grab of disputed seabed territory from Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines. As a quid pro quo, China might support Obama for secretary general. And Obama would get to be King of the World.

Remember Obama’s deep bow campaign? Remember his failure to place promised antimissile defenses in Eastern Europe? Remember his retreat from the Middle East, and his support for the Muslim Brotherhood terror-sponsors?

Islamic fascists want to control the world. So does the radical Left. Obama is a creature of both. To become secretary general, Obama might even officially become a Muslim, a publicity smash that may make him the favorite of those 57 states. Europe is run by socialists who also believe in world conquest -- by peaceful means, of course. As for Putin and China, they will demand a high price -- such as crippling limitations on US energy production, which Obama has already promised China. Putin is advancing in the Arctic for mineral exploitation, and has taken over a major northern base on the Russian border with Norway that was abandoned after the Cold War.

Obama will never let the words “Muslim violence” escape his lips. This seems increasingly bizarre -- but it would fit his ambition to go beyond U.S. president to build up the UN as a superior center of real power. UNocrats and EUrocrats would love it, because they follow an imperialistic Marxist ideology. Islamic extremism actually helps them, which is why Europe’s International Criminal Court just allowed the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist arm, Hamas, to gain recognition in the EU.

Obama has no American sense of self-restrained power. Just the opposite. Obama has no ethical absolutes, not even if hundreds of women and children in Kenya and Nigeria are stolen from their homes for Boko Haram slave markets. Not even if the CIA ends up smuggling arms to the barbaric Sunni rebels in Syria, thereby making that civil war even worse.

The silence of our “Civil Rights” establishment watching Muslim depredations in Africa, exactly like the slave taking their ancestors suffered, is just one straw in the wind. Obama is not bothering to oppose African slave kidnapping by Muslim raiders. That is an amazing fact.

Obama is after something else than promoting the well-being of this country and the world. He is always grandiose, ruthless, abusive, and willing to sacrifice our allies to his own desires.

The likely reason is that Obama does not plan to stop after two presidential terms.