Netanyahu Not the Cause of Obama's Dislike of Israel

Much has been said about the strange behavior of Barack Obama, who can’t let a day go without maligning Israel and Mr. Netanyahu. In contrast, he displays friendship to a thug and anti-Semite like Recip Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey, palled around with the deceased communist Hugo Chavez, and keeps standing up for the Iranian mullahs who want to kill us all or make us slaves to Islam. Those in the media who see politics simply as a stand-off between personalities ascribe all this to a clash of personalities: Obama doesn’t like PM Netanyahu and Netanyahu returns the dislike.

No doubt the dislike is there, but what underlies the animosity of Obama toward PM Netanyahu goes beyond schmoozability to seismic differences in outlook and policy. In fact, at Mr. Netanyahu’s very first White House meeting, before they really knew each other, Obama purposely mistreated PM Netanyahu by forcing him to enter through a side entrance and, then, abruptly left the meeting and went upstairs by himself for dinner while leaving PM Netanyahu and his staff without hospitality or even a piece of bread. This was a deliberate, unheard of disparagement, directed more at Israel, the state represented by Netanyahu, than it was at Mr. Netanyahu per se.

Just last month, Barack Obama published classified information showing the world photographs of Israel’s hidden nuclear site, and its inner workings. It was his gift to Iran, Hamas, and ISIS. This puts Israel and her citizens, not just Mr. Netanyahu, at great risk. But, Obama had his people darken out all the information on that page regarding the nuclear sites of other countries.

At a meeting at the White House in 2009, Obama stated early-on that “it’s time to put daylight between Israel and America”. This was done before Obama had even met Benjamin Netanyahu.

Last month, Obama again singled out Israel by crudely questioning Israel as a democracy, though it’s Israel that has an Arab Supreme Court Justice, provides medical for all, and has four Arab political parties that just won 14 seats. Obama is throwing out these malicious daily barbs so as to brainwash Americans into believing Israel and America do not share the same values. He wants to break the historic bonds between America and Israel, between Israelis and Americans. His intent is to permanently tarnish Israel, not just hurt its present prime minister. In that vein, Obama has denied visas to Israelis more than any other group, all the while zealously providing visas to those from Arabic/Muslim countries.

Our president has no condemnation for Arab countries where Jews and Christians are forbidden their own political parties nor allowed to sit as judges judging Muslims. Obama accepts the shariah that forbids this.  

Further proof of Obama’s scheme: he had his young underlings call Israel a “racist” state, something he never says about Islamic countries which, in principle under shariah, actually do consider non-Muslims as infidels and second class, that their churches and synagogues be destroyed, where Christian and Jewish women are treated as fodder and permissible meat, and our bibles banned and thrown in the garbage. Yet, we hear no condemnation from Obama. It is reserved for Israel. When a person singles out Jews or the Jewish state for things he finds acceptable in others… that’s anti-Semitism.

Recently, he let Israel’s enemies know that he, Obama, will not support Israel, which encourages and provides a Green Light. The physical attacks will be against Israel, not just Netanyahu… and Obama knows it. To that end, he has taken Hizb’allah and Iran off our list of terror organizations. Instead, he has the State Dept. deny Israeli generals visas. His heart is darkened against Israel.

He prohibited flights to Israel for almost two days during her recent defensive war against Hamas missiles being shot from Gaza. He has not done this in other war zones.  He even stopped the routine supply of needed ammunition to Israel during the war. He is deaf to Israel’s concern over ISIS, Hamas, and Iran pitched at Israel’s borders, and he insists that Israel relinquish these lands to make a Palestinian state that he knows will be a launching pad for these terrorist groups against Israel and her children.

The Netanyahu story is a cover, a convenient excuse and ruse to weaken and stigmatize Israel. Unfortunately, many are falling for it. Obama’s everyday bullying is exclusive to Israel. So, let the truth be said: Obama doesn’t like Israel. There is something in his ethnic background that teaches, as part of its outlook, the need to not only vanquish but also humiliate the Jew, the Christian. More than a clash of personalities, it centers on Obama’s dislike of a truly sovereign and independent Israel living proudly in its biblical homeland, and his intense dislike for Israeli nationalism.

Similarly, he dislikes American patriotism, demonizing those affectionate about America as people who cling to flag, religion, and guns. He dismisses those unwilling to renounce America’s Judeo-Christian underpinning, as well as those not gullible enough to buy into the foolish and false narrative of America being, as he says, the “largest Muslim country in the world, where Muslims have contributed to its development since America’s founding”.

 Mr. Obama seems irritated and indifferent to non-Islamic, non-black narratives. He expects others to feel guilty and burdened by their own history, making themselves, in repentance, secondary and in service to the aspirations of groups he prefers.

Obama doesn’t like an Israel proud of itself as a Jewish state, nor does he like an America loyal to its heritage and unique values, be it free enterprise, taking responsibility for one’s fate, or the make-up of its historic middle class. He wishes to transform both countries, denude them of their historic identity. He wants to do to Israel what he has been doing to America: change its demographics by bringing in those who, when offered freebies, will vote for left-wing parties, who think little of a nation’s specific history and unique ethos. He does so here by flooding our country with illegal immigrants, and in Israel, by insisting that Israel allow into its borders millions of Arabs who will vote to make Israel’s Jewishness a thing of the past, something illegal. Mr. Netanyahu stands in his way!

What Mr. Obama wants above all else is to strip Israel of David’s city, its eternal capital, Jerusalem, and hand the ancient, historic city to Islam. Obama knows that whoever controls and manages historic Jerusalem can lay claim to the Land’s entirety. Jerusalem is the heart and pride of Israel. He wants to snatch the pride Israelis have in Jerusalem as surely as he tries to take from us our pride in American Exceptionalism, something he denies and derides. Toward this end, he is fervently trying to decouple liberal American Jews from Israel. By constantly accusing Israel of "racism, extremism, colonialism, lack of compassion and soul” -- the effective buzz phrases -- he hopes liberal Jews will be embarrassed to support Israel. He is succeeding, similar to how he is turning the Democrat Party away from Israel.

Talking heads, who make their living jawboning in conventional, boiler-plate paradigms, think of Obama as they would other presidents, instead of seeing him the way he must be seen. He is not like other presidents, nor is he simply more to the Left than previous presidents. He is an ideologue through and through, and his ideology is rooted in Marxism and certain forms of Islamism. We need to see in Obama’ actions not the political maneuverings we suspect in others, but direct, unalloyed, reflections of his dogmas and goals.

He wants the treaty with Iran not because it’s a feather in his cap. Let’s be more direct. He wants it because he wants it.  He wants Iran to have the bomb. Not to use it, necessarily, but for the power and leverage it will give Iran over Israel, and the pride and strength it will furnish the Ummah. He wants a stronger Iran, not a weaker or checked Iran.

He dislikes Netanyahu because he dislikes an Israeli leader who wants to keep Israel Jewish, who stands for Jerusalem, and won’t have his people bandied about to satisfy Obama’s’ lust for Islamic hegemony. Obama is used to Jews, the Hyde Park Chicago Jews and other liberal Jews, who see Jewish needs as secondary and sacrificial to the demands of other minorities; liberal Jews who subsume Jewish aspirations and needs for whatever is considered the “civil rights” fashion of the day. To them, ironically, Jewishness is authentic only when Jewishness becomes a vehicle for a cause outside of any specific Jewish need and identity. They have redefined Jewishness to be political universalism. Obama is uncomfortable with a Jewish-Jew like Netanyahu who does not define nor limit the existence of Jews to self-nullification in behalf of the latest leftwing Cause. He has Jews in his administration and among the liberal fraternity who are all too willing to do his destructive bidding… in the name of “Judaism”, of course.

Obama’s inner identity is tied to Islam. We all identify with the ethos of our formative years. His father and stepfather were Islamic, as is his family back in Kenya and Indonesia. His brothers are active Islamists. He was raised on the Koran in Islamic countries, and attended Islamic madrassa and grew up with its attitudes, sights and sounds, aspirations and narrative, likes and dislikes. As I grew up to favor Israel, he grew up to dislike it. Simple as that. Most of my Christian friends, Bible believers, were also raised with the biblical narrative, which admires Israel’s place in our theology and in the cosmos.

The Marxism Obama was fed, from very early on, made him viscerally dislike successful Western countries, such as America, Israel, and Britain. He was taught they were colonizers and imperialist. Yet, he finds nothing imperialistic or colonial about Islam’s takeover, throughout the centuries, of northern and central Africa, Lebanon, Babylon and Persia, the Balkans, the Mediterranean areas, Malaysia and Indonesia, and other parts of Asia, vast tracts of what was India, and countless Christian and Hindu neighborhoods and cities. Not to see colonialism and imperialism in these conquests tells us a lot about Obama’s perspective. Love is blind. We don’t see flaws in that and those we love. But, we sure see them, always, in that which we dislike. Obama’s dislike for a strong, independent, proud Jewish renaissance in the Holy Land predates Netanyahu.

As with America, the next two years will be difficult, for Obama has set his antagonistic sights on America and Israel… as well as its citizens. Obama has spent the last 50 years waiting for these next two.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero is president of Caucus for America and author of Push Back, and Why Israel Matters to You.

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