Liberals and their Social Justice Warrior Thugs Celebrate Holy Week

Last week we saw our exquisitely politically correct liberals and their special forces, the social justice warriors, indulging in a little bit of satisfying mob action.

Now, of course liberals are evolved and educated, and they are practiced at putting themselves in the place of the “other.” They would never insult Muslims with special forces exercises during Ramadan or the holy festival of Eid. So why are they descending on Indiana during Lent and trashing pizza joints during Holy Week?

OK, I know, I know. Liberals always have a reason for their hypocrisies; hypocrites always do. Christians are bigots, and gays are victims -- in an America where anyone can lose their job for having the wrong opinion about gays, and Apple's CEO is gay.

Why can't liberals just live and let live?

Here's the answer: If you have power and you don't use it, all you have is responsibility, and who needs that, Barack?

Responsible people go into the world to find something useful to do, and when we find it, we usually get paid for it: enough to feed our families and put a little aside for a rainy day. Occasionally, one of us comes up with a surprising technical innovation that changes the world. Welcome to the “Bourgeois Era” -- Deirdre McCloskey's books describe how we have increased human well-being by nearly two orders of magnitude in two centuries.

But that is not enough for some people; they need to self-medicate on power, and the way you do that in our era is by fighting for the victims.

So we get Tim Cook, CEO of the most valuable company in America, writing op-eds in the establishment New York Times in support of his marginalized gay brothers that need to keep those gap-toothed Christians down on the farm.

Imagine that! The CEO of the liberals' favorite corporation as helpless victim! Truly, we live in wondrous times.

But what's the solution? Perhaps the answer is for Christians and conservatives to join the crowd and reimagine ourselves as victims. The social justice warrior Anita Sarkeesian is the poster girl for this, and I blogged about her here. Sarkeesian grew up experiencing “the world largely as a series of individuals making their own personal individual choices.” But then she had her Road to Damascus moment. Reading the feminist classics with the help of feminist mentors, she came

to understand the world as it really exists, as a series of intersecting social systems. Once you have a systemic and institutional framework, you see how oppression manifests in many subtle ways under the systems of what bell hooks calls “white supremacist capitalist patriarchy”.

Now Sarkeesian has the warrant she needs to deploy armies of social justice warriors to reduce the citadels of the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy, starting with the video gaming industry. The goal, according to Sarkeesian, is “the collective liberation of all women.”

I wonder what “collective liberation of all women” actually means in practice. I imagine it starts with “safe spaces” and death to the microaggressors and continues on from there. And no cease-fires during Christian Holy Week.

It would be easy to get very discouraged about all this. But think about it like Dennis Prager. He always talks about the value of “clarity.”

When President Obama promised you could keep your doctor, what could conservatives say in reply, since any pushback was racist? When liberals pushed gay marriage because equality and love, who could escape the charge of homophobia for opposing it? When feminists wanted to make the campus safe from rape, who but a rapist would object?

Democracy, according to H.L. Mencken, is giving the people what they want, good and hard. Now Americans have ObamaCare good and hard, but they can't keep their doctor. Now it turns out that gay marriage is not about love but humiliating Christians. Now it turns out that keeping the campus safe means that your son gets stripped of his due-process rights.

This is the beginning of clarity. It gives Republican politicians easy sound-bites. “They” promised you could keep your doctor, and they delivered higher premiums and deductibles. “They” said gay marriage was about love and equality. Now they are sending virtual mobs out against mom-and-pop pizza joints. “They” said that one in five college women faced sexual harassment. Now your friend's kid has a black mark on his record forever.

I could go on. “They” promised affordable housing, and crashed the financial system. “They” promised college for all, and bankrupted our kids with debt.

If I were a Republican running for office right now, I'd like my chances.

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, Also see his American Manifesto and get his Road to the Middle Class.