Killer Mike Is A Good Guy

Fox News superstars Megyn Kelly and Brian Kilmeade want you to know there is more to Killer Mike than just urging black people to kill cops.

So we should not peg Killer Mike as just another rapper with a relentless schtick about faggots, guns, queers, drugs, bitches, more guns, selling drugs, stealing guns, f*ckin’ bitches, hating bitches, beating bitches, evil white people, racist police, narcissism, dick tattoos, and killing police.

Even though that fills every line of every one of his songs.

Except for the lines where Reagan and Ollie North forced black people to get addicted to drugs so they could get rich putting them in prison. “I’m glad Reagan dead,” he bravely intones.

Even so, some narrow minded people were wondering how Killer Mike could, one day, urge black people to “unite and kill the police, mothaf*ckas,” and the next, get invited to lecture at M.I.T. on race relations.

Killer Mike’s lyrics may be hard to hear, but easy enough to read. Here are a few lines, almost at random:

Police in the ghetto, they is killing niggers daily

But when we get to busting back they say that we crazy


Me I suggest you get yourself a shotgun

So when they come to (get you)… you can make them run


Thinking that I used to sell raps for enlightenment

But I got lapped by them guys selling lies for the white man


You be hard pressed to find another rapper smart as me.

And of course the more recent “kill the police,” poetry that is proclaimed on video while a black man puts a cop in a choke hold. The cop apparently was trying to arrest the black man, plant drugs on him, or steal drugs from him, before killing him, or sending him off to prison. All for No Reason What So Ever.  Except to make money for private prisons. Which happens all time.

All according to Killer Mike.

Enter Brian Kilmeade. Like Bill O’Reilly and Dennis Miller, Kelly and Kilmeade do a comedy duet where Kelly sets them up and Kilmeade, a former stand-up comedian before taking his spot on the couch of Fox and Friends, knocks them down.

Thursday night. Kelly introduced the clip of the Killer Mike urging viewers to kill the cops and then posed the question: “Thoughts on that?”

Kilmeade started off by explaining that Killer Mike’s dad was a cop. Though Kilmeade forgot to mention this was the same dad who introduced him to the teachings of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam, whom Killer Mike tearfully compared to Jesus.

“That’s a beautiful human,” Farrakhan said of Killer Mike as he got all weepy. “That’s a great man right there.”

Killer Mike has been “invited to appear on major networks to talk about white on black violence,” explained Kilmeade.

What was that again? White on black violence?

True, Killer Mike is just as willing as any other run of the mill cop-hating, crime-excusing, drug-loving rapper to make the case that black people are relentless victims of relentless white racism all the time, everywhere and that explains everything. And that is why racist police pick on black people for no reason what so ever.

But in the several CNN interviews I saw, even Killer Mike never tried to explain away the fact that if a black man and a white man are walking down the street, the black man is 30, 50, 100 times more likely to attack the white man, than the other way around.

Most black activists are way past denying that. And today, they just explain it the way Philadelphia judge Wayne Bennett did when he was telling Thomas Sowell and your humble correspondent why there is so much black on white violence: White people deserve it.

But Kilmeade was just getting warmed up. “This guy seems like a good guy. Believe it or not, despite those lyrics, he’s a deep thinker. He cares about society. He comes from a law enforcement family. And so he is not just someone speaking off the cuff. He’s an educated guy.”

Kilmeade is cool with Killer Mike, he says, as long as M.I.T. does not ban conservative speakers.

Former prison psychologist, Marlin Newburn suggests that Kilmeade is venturing outside of his skill set:

“Considering the topic, black street violence and displacing responsibility for it, Brian Kilmeade and Meghan Kelly are sounding off exactly as their mental processes will allow,” Newburn said. “They’re clueless as to that culture, and they can’t grasp the common nature of the violence. The vaunted hosts of Fox News made an almost comedic effort to legitimize the barbarism and primitive living that is the hallmark of black communities.”

“The thug-rapper is a ‘deep thinker?’ No he isn’t, Mr. Kilmeade. Mr. Killer Mike has the intellectual depth of a saucer, and he’s a sock-puppet to the black persecution fantasy narrative.”

The exchange between Kilmeade and Kelly reminded some of another recent conversation on the topic of “white privilege.” O’Reilly was making the case to Kelly that success was all about family and culture and work and personal responsibility. Not racial privilege that enabled white people to get ahead while holding black people back.

Kelly “schooled O’Reilly,” as one liberal group put it, after O’Reilly asked her if she “believed in the theory of white privilege.”

“It's got a lot of evidence behind it,” she said. “If you look at the statistics, Bill, they're alarming. And I did a little research before the segment.”

For the next minute or so, Kelly reeled off a list of disparities between white people and black people in crime, education, income: All the usual.

She did kind of forget to mention that if black people are guilty of crimes of violence far out of proportion, then white people are also victims of racial violence, far out of proportion. As is documented so ably in that new and scintillating best seller, Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.

Kelly says at least some of that is due to white privilege. And that black people do not much care for this systematic racial preference magically conferred on all white people.

”The black population feels forgotten, Bill. That's why they feel resentful," she added. "They don't believe the justice system is gonna give them a fair shake, they don't believe the economic system is gonna give them a fair shake.”

Newburn has even less patience for the Kelly’s analysis:

“Megyn Kelly has documentation of white privilege or some validation of the oppression of black people by whites?” Newburn asked. “Kelly. is reading the results of the wholesale rejection of education and legitimate values by the black people. Nobody forced any black person to reject an education, shoot their neighbor, or attack non-black people with reckless abandon.”

“The other reality that Ms. Kelly is profoundly unaware of is that the street life predation is a preferred lifestyle by many inner city black people, male and female. They know they’ll never be held accountable for their actions or choices in life -- and the consequences for their decisions -- until tried and convicted in court. The public narrative fueled by prominent news anchors guarantees it.”

Or as Killer Mike might say -- actually did say -- in one of his hits: “We’re killing them for freedom cause they tortured us for boredom. And even if some good ones die, fuck it, the Lord will sort them.”