Illinois Spearheads States' Rebellion Against Immigration Law

Just a few days ago, on March 25, 2015, Illinois State Senate Democrats proposed a new bill called the Trust Act. This bill called SB 22, states: “No law enforcement agency shall enter into an agreement under federal law that permits State or local governmental entities to enforce federal civil immigration laws…” This language is very similar to that passed by the City of Chicago in 1985 and Cook County in 2002.

Illinois law enforcement agencies including the Illinois Chiefs of Police, Illinois State Police and Sheriff’s Association have stated their opposition to SB 22.

Should this Senate bill be passed, Illinois will usurp the authority of Congress “to establish an uniform rule of naturalization” as it is authorized to do in the Constitution. 

This would not be the first time Democrats have acted to defy Federal law. In fact, Democrats have a nearly 200-year-long history of defying Federal law when they feel their political agenda threatened.  Nearly 200 years ago John C. Calhoun and others spread the idea throughout the South that the Federal government does not have the authority to interfere with the institution of slavery.

John Calhoun and others believed that Southern states had the right to insist that slaves were their property and that their property rights were valid even in states that had banned slavery.  These “states’ rights” advocates believed that if they traveled to free states, their slaves should remain their property. 

It is interesting to compare the recent move by Illinois to assert its states’ rights with regard to immigration to the southern states’ rights movement with regard to slave ownership. There are some fascinating similarities as well as stark differences. Both the similarities and the differences reveal that the Democrat Party has had a clear, consistent and very unsettling tactic of fighting the Federal government when they feel Federal laws are a threat to their party’s power. 

For example, in both the Calhoun states’ rights movement and that of today the entire focus was on an ethnic minority group. Today Democrats are concerned with controlling the movement of illegal immigrants who are primarily Hispanic. But in the days before the Civil War, the minority that was the focus of their actions were the African-Americans of America who lived in the South and were kept as slaves. 

So the focus of the states’ rights rebellions have always been minorities, just different minorities. 

There is a remarkable similarity in these movements as well. This similarity is that the issues of citizenship and voting were in the forefront. Back in the days of slavery, slaveowners didn’t want slaves to be able to vote.  But today the Democrats have flipped their position completely: now they want illegal immigrants to be treated as citizens and be able to vote. To enable them to vote in Illinois, the state has already passed several laws that allow illegal immigrants to use a matricula consular card as a state I.D. and to obtain a valid state driver’s license, regardless of citizenship. 

One can then ask what is behind this, why the president’s party engages in this game of ignoring some laws and upholding others. The reason is revealed by what the president’s political party stands to gain. While it is not widely known, in the 1800s African-Americans were the majority of the population in a number of southern states.  Democrats did not want freed slaves to outvote them.  Also, Democrats were closely allied with wealthy plantation owners and other businesses that profited from slavery.  So to keep their campaign money flowing and preserve their power they were determined to keep African-Americans under their control.

Democrats feared if African-Americans obtained the vote they would outvote their Democrat oppressors and take over the government of the South. Even after slaves were freed, Democrats prevented them from voting with poll taxes and ridiculous voting qualifications such as having to recite the Gettysburg Address.

This tactic is being practiced again. Illinois Democrats still have the same goal in mind: to keep political control of their state. And like the states’ rights rebellion in the 1800s, they now choose to defy Federal immigration law in order to maintain their hold on power. They want illegal immigrants primarily for the demographic benefits: the two biggest campaign contributors in Illinois are the two teachers unions, and since Chicago and its suburbs are losing population, immigrants are needed to fill seats in the classrooms. And they have passed illegal state laws to allow them to hold IDs, to have drivers’ licenses, and vote. Once they have a driver’s license that’s all they need to vote.  And since each Mexican family in Chicago receives over $80,000 in benefits each year, the Mexicans are happy to vote for their political hosts.

It took the first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln -- ironically, from Illinois -- to emancipate slaves from the chains of slavery.  This was actively resisted by Democrats, who now have the chutzpah to claim they are the only political party that truly cares about the welfare of people of color.

The other troubling similarity this act has to the preservation of slavery is that Democrats have a long history of oppressing minorities in order to gain their support in elections.  I have already shown how Chicago is the most racially segregated city in the entire U.S. and now it is segregating Hispanics into Hispanic supermajority wards in the city.  It achieves this by stating that it must corral Hispanics into segregated neighborhoods so it can better represent them, but everyone knows this better representation is nothing but a ruse to confine them to lives of poverty, terrible school systems, high crime, high rates of single motherhood, and oppressive high school dropout rates.

That there is a strategy behind this to promote illegal immigration is very clear. When Arizona passed its Senate bill 1070 to enable its law enforcement agencies to enforce Federal law, President Obama ordered his Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department to immediately sue and challenge the law.  Remarkably, the Justice Department argued that states have no right, under the Constitution, to make any laws regarding immigration. 

Now Obama and his Democrat followers in Illinois are doing the same thing they condemned in Arizona; they are allowing a state to flout Federal immigration law. 

And there can be no doubt that the November 2014 elections, which gave control of the U.S. Senate to Republicans, prompted Democrats to find ways to increase their voter turnout in national elections so they can regain power. 

Congress must take immediate Congressional action to condemn this act by the state of Illinois, and the issue must be taken to the Supreme Court to prevent other states from defying Federal law.

And for the first black president to engage in this active segregation of another racial minority, Hispanics, just so his party can regain voters, is particularly appalling.  But this only serves to prove that Democrats have used and abused minority voters to make keep themselves in office and will do anything, and destroy any branch of American government, to do so. 

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