I, Obama Supplicant

We've heard the tale of Mr. Frog allowing himself to be boiled alive.  If put in boiling water, he would immediately jump out.  But he was placed in cold water, heated slowly.  Before Mr. Frog realized what was happening, he was cooked to death.

Folks, I don't know if you realize it, but gradually, over his presidency, Obama has become king, and we have for all intents and purposes become his supplicants.  He speaks, and, without congressional oversight or debate, we are forced to obey.

I mean, think about it.  A king speaks the word, and it becomes law.  Obama does the same.  While Obama's decrees may not be legal, they are implemented, with the MSM cheering him on for his compassion and skill at getting around the racist, sexist, and mean GOP.  The GOP appears unwilling to stop him.  Oh, some GOP members may express outrage, but at the end of the day, every Obama decree is implemented.

For example: despite the Constitution nowhere granting government the power to force citizens to purchase health care, the Supreme Court bent the law, forcing supplicants to yield to king Obama's mandate (Obamacare).  From granting amnesty to illegals to welcoming them with checks using taxpayer money, whatever Obama wants to do, he does.

Woe to anyone who dares to disobey king Obama.  Remember the Little Sisters of the Poor, the order of nuns who have been serving the poor and elderly for 175 years?  Despite a widespread public outcry, under the radar, Obama continues his unrelenting choke-hold on the nuns, trying to force them to betray their faith by signing on to abortion services.  While demanding that the Little Sisters comply with his abortion mandate, His Majesty exempts others.  What's up with that?  It is about Obama leading the left's war on Christianity, bullying Christians into submitting to their anti-God agenda.

King Obama also does not take kindly to supplicants daring to speak-out against him.  From the IRS’s scandalous attacks on Tea Party members to numerous governmental agencies used to “punish his enemies,” we know king Obama does not tolerate opposition.  I recently learned that the Obama regime is bullying banks not to lend to gun shop owners because His Royal Obama-ness does not like guns. 

Now, here is the good news.  In our tradition as Americans, there is an extremely active resistance, freedom-fighters.  It’s the Tea Party – stiff-necked patriots who say “give me liberty or give me death.”  Do not take the Tea Party for granted, folks.  If it were not for the Tea Party, Obama would run totally free like an out-of-control kid in a candy store.  Despite the consequences, patriots are fighting back strongly and stealthily resisting Obama ramming the left's anti-traditional America and anti-God agenda down our throats.

In every war, sadly, there are casualties.  In the Army, we were taught to throw ourselves over a grenade to save our buddies.  I wish to thank Christian bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein for their sacrifice in defense of our First Amendment rights, in essence throwing themselves over a grenade thrown by the left.  The Kleins baked cakes for their repeat lesbian customer on numerous occasions.  But when they respectfully declined to make a cake for her homosexual wedding, she sued.  The Kleins were forced to close down their shop.  Freedom ain't free, folks.

Another bit of good news is Ted Cruz running for president.  I must admit that my heart sank a bit when Indiana Gov. Mike Pence seemed to allow the left to distort the intent of his state's religious freedom law.  Gov. Pence promised to fix it.  It felt as though, once again, the left got away with lying about an issue, and a Republican caved to please them.

Ted Cruz, on the other hand, has stood strong regarding the law, defending its true purpose and scolding the left for their attempts to lie and deceive the public.  Cruz even characterized the left's distortions as an attack on Christians.  You rarely hear a politician boldly stating this truth.

Cruz is also talking about abolishing the IRS.  I guess you could say that as with Obama, Ted Cruz wants to fundamentally transform America, but in a good way – back to the vision of our Founding Fathers.

Here is another reason to smile, folks: the wedding of Jessa Duggar to Ben Seewald on TV.  The Duggar family oozes goodness and wholesomeness.  My wife Mary is a huge fan, as are millions. 

With great excitement and anticipation, Mary has been awaiting the wedding episode.  I was in the family room watching one of my favorite shows, Bizarre Foods.  But when I heard the wedding march coming from our bedroom, I flipped over to the Duggar wedding.  I was immediately struck by the extremely warm vibe, love, and unpretentious celebration of traditional values.

When the Duggars’ wedding TV episode ended, Mary came out of the bedroom tearful.  She gave me a big hug and a kiss and said, “I love you.”

While the Left dominates the airways promoting a waste land of rude, crude and ugly behavior, praise God that there are still good folks like the Duggar's on TV promoting a Godly standard. I am grateful for my fellow patriots in the Tea Party relentlessly fighting for freedom. I thank God for Christians like the Kleins who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the cause of freedom. We are blessed to have a remnant of fearless conservative politicians like Ted Cruz.

Yes, my fellow American patriots, there are good reasons to feel hopeful and optimistic.