Hillary and the American Future

Hillary Rodham Clinton must never be elected president. Indeed, she must not even be allowed to run for the office. Because her emails may be in Russian, Chinese, and other hands, she is personally compromised. The future of the country should never be permitted to pass (again) to someone who has secrets that can be used to undermine policies that would otherwise serve the interests of our citizenry. It should be apparent to every voter and each official of every security organization concerned with the survival of the United States that the blackmailing of a sitting president is possible and perhaps likely, given the present climate of distrust among international players. Ms. Clinton is now exquisitely and uniquely vulnerable to such problems given recent revelations.

Others have mentioned Clinton’s personal vulnerability to extortion tangentially, so the idea is “out there.”  However, if she is indeed elected, damage to the country is written on the wall. That is not a prophetic statement. Rather, her election would have negative consequences that most reasonable people could agree would result.

1) Those officials and worker bees (careerists) in all government departments who have knowledge of any wrongdoing would be retained in place or promoted.  These folks might operate either seperately or together as a cabal to further their positions with their special knowledge of corruption without regard to the welfare of the country.

2) As for new employees, only those who could be trusted, bought, or suborned would be asked to come on board, thus further undermining the purer purposes of our government.

3) Fear of exposure would worm its way into all decisions, great and small, thus warping policies. Paralysis would dog each policy proposal, since its merits would be tainted by unspeakable factors that no one outside the inner circle could understand. We still, at this late date, have no idea why Obama’s strengthening of Iran to the point of anointing it as a nuclear power is supposed to benefit the people of the United States.

4) The purpose of free and fair elections in our country would be undermined because the fraud‑tainted group headed by Ms. Clinton would do anything -- anything at all -- to remain in power so as not to be exposed. We now have the situation where all our new citizens (originally illegal aliens) are being franchised with the vote merely to maintain the power of the Dems. This approach is not new, having been used by Roosevelt, Nixon, and now Obama, but the extent of its use by Barack Hussein is breathtaking. Such policies will continue in spades under a Clinton administration, since they will have as much or more to hide than the current menagerie. Grateful new citizens will continue to be unconcerned about the corrupt reasons they have been admitted to the greatest country in the world. And these new citizens will gift power, perhaps for generations, to those who saved them from even greater corruption.

5) We, the cynical, must at least consider the possibility that Clinton is seeking higher office inter alia to avoid possible legal prosecution that may come her way if the Department of Justice begins to take seriously the country’s laws again. It is unnerving to hear Clinton’s supporters screaming that there is no evidence of influence-peddling against her. Of course, there is no evidence of such activities, since “evidence” is a legal term for material presented during trial proceedings. If and when Clinton is tried in a court of law, information will be presented and its veracity will be judged by her peers. Her guilt, given a conviction, will then be a matter of law and the information will then be considered “evidence.”

6) The secretiveness imposed upon the decision-making processes of a future Clinton regime will be in part determined by the secretiveness of the Obama administration of which she was an integral part. There will be no chance for fresh air to enter the system. The very act of criticism has become forbidden (or verboten, if you will) when directed against Hilary Rodham Clinton. While her circumstances have raised some questions about her even in the progressive press, she will never again be wrong if she is elected, not unlike our Obama. And many will suffer given her self‑presumed infallibility. In short, those with personality disorders such as narcissism and psychopathy will remain in charge of government to the continued detriment of the American people, the American legacy, and the future stability of the world.

Are further reasons necessary to spotlight Hillary’s unfitness for the presidency?  It’s clear enough that the world can’t afford her, and the United States deserves better.