Frankie Boyle: Comedian, Glaswegian, and Anti-Racist Chomskyan

Frankie Boyle opens one of his Guardian pieces with the following words: “I sometimes wonder if satire has reached a nadir in Britain [he means England!] because British society has itself become a parody of itself.” Oh good! So does that mean that Frankie Boyle will finally shut the f*ck up? (Do you like my little hommage to Boyle?) Of course it doesn't! Anyway, have you ever wondered how a comedian who's made the most extreme and nasty jokes imaginable -- about disabled people and whatnot -- has got away with it? Indeed not only has he got away with it, he continues to be employed by the BBC (e.g., Comedy Shorts, etc.) and still writes for the Guardian. The only answer I can think of is that Frankie Boyle is a Leftist, a Glaswegian and he's never made any racist jokes. You'll know that many middle-class Leftists and Left-Liberals often patronise people with black and brown skin when they allow them to do and say all sorts of things...(Read Full Article)