Education and Presidential Contenders

As the next wave of talking heads seeks the highest office in the nation, they will put forward many undoubtedly interesting and competing visions for how to reduce the debt burden on America’s students, and give more young people a chance to enter university.  None of these ideas will be particularly significant unless they account for the changing face of the American college student--and the evolving role of higher education. Between lining up for photos and rattling off obligatory mentions of the various issues they predict will figure in the biggest contest of 2016, the topic of education has made at least a minor appearance each time a new candidate has stepped forward.  (As of publication, the candidate list includes Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Hillary Clinton). Considering the early diversity of candidates, there has been some impressive consistency in how they all address the subject.  Generally, they either bemoan the lack of choice...(Read Full Article)