Conservatives, Stand Your Ground!

Why does it seem our public spaces are filled with aggressions from the left, with little to no pushback?  Why does the right not stand its ground[*] in these public spaces?

At first guess, one might surmise that it is meekness.  Certainly the liberal media attributes it to both weakness in spirit and ideology -- that it is the position of the bigots to hide their thoughts.

Perhaps, trying to keep the peace?  Letting the other side have their say? Why is it, then, that the other side never feels it necessary to return the favor?

Or maybe even, as one fellow conservative told me, we adults are just letting the children have their tantrums, and they can rejoin us in the adult conversations when they are over themselves.

Have any of these options ever actually done any good? 

For years now conservatives of all stripes have griped about media bias, education bias, the assault on Christianity, the breakdown of the traditional family, and a slew of other things.  But what have we done about it?  How many, when the opportunity has presented itself, removed themselves from the situation instead of standing proudly on their principles and announcing them? 

You see, many leftists seem to believe that change starts with the government (or in reality control, legitimate or not).  If legislation to the effect of what they desire is had, then the first step is taken, the first battle won, and the end is a foregone conclusion.  There is another theory, however, that legislation simply codifies what the people have already accepted.  While there are certainly exceptions, is this not how representative government is supposed to work?  In order for legislation to pass, a majority of lawmakers must approve of it.  It therefore stands to reason that a majority of the population who installed said lawmakers must approve of it, at least enough that the passing of the legislation will not cost the lawmakers their seats.  

We know that while in theory that is how it is supposed to work, in reality representatives can do whatever they chooses to do, and will be pressured on both sides of many of their choices.  As such, in many cases is not the will of the majority that is implemented, but the will of the most engaged (or the biggest donors).  The proverbial squeaky wheel ensuring it gets some grease.

Too conservatives many have internalized the nonsense that is heaped upon them from the left, that their basic old-world values are now equivalent to being bigoted Neanderthals.  That centuries-old complaints are equivalent to current acts of terrorism.  That what is and always has been is no longer, that marriage is not between a man and a woman, or that gender is optional.  These new beliefs take root and become the “normal” because society allows it, and for no other reason.  There is no right side of history -- unless you buy into what the group talking about the right side of history is selling, which is inevitably their side

So what is there to do?  Consider the groundswell of sentiment each and every time members of the right stand up for their beliefs, despite the instant glare of resentment focused on them like a laser.  Even more so if they stand up tall and proud, unwavering against the tidal wave of negativity. 

Be that person.

When a leftist gets loud and proud, don’t shy away.  Don’t leave.  Don’t avoid making a scene.  Call it exactly like it is.  Denounce the petty behavior and social shenanigans.  Call the rudeness what it is.  You may be surprised how much support you find in your fellows around you.  And should you witness someone else taking such a stand, be sure to lend your support as well. Do this in public.  In the classroom.  On camera.  At the meeting.  This is not “lowering” to their level.  This is fighting back.  This is standing our ground.

It can be hard to take these stands.  To come out of your shell, your bubble of protection, and stand up for what is right. Consider how hard it was, however, for those who came before us.  Whose very lives were put in true danger for standing up and stating what they believed.  They had families, and property, and very much stood to lose everything for their beliefs and patriotism.  Can we not, in their honor, subject ourselves to a little social discomfort in order to get our country back?

Time and time again polls show that the conservatives are the majority.  Why don’t we all start acting like it? Expect others to conform to societal standards, instead of allowing them to re-form society to their ideals. Stand Your Ground.

Responses welcomed:

[*] To many, the phrase “Stand Your Ground” recalls the laws that allow individuals not be required to cede ground in order to defend themselves (or their family).  Specifically, they cite no duty to retreat in the face of danger before deployment of force of any level.   This seems to resonate with so many people, with a groundswell of support in cases such Zimmerman/Martin.