Why is Obama so Obsessed with Israel?

Barack Obama is a man with amazingly fixed beliefs, which seem to orbit the White House at some faraway distance in space. After Ferguson, Obama’s feelings of rage against whites and cops are hard to deny. Obama’s Islamophilia and even his jihadophilia are there for all to see, along with this administration’s consistent Chicago-style thuggery.

But these days Obama’s biggest obsession seems to be Israel, which is acting like any other sovereign nation would in the face of deadly enemies.

That simple fact seems to enrage the President of the United States.

The delusional conviction on the Left is that the Israel-Palestinian dispute is the key to peace in the Middle East -- a belief so bizarre and otherworldly that it’s hard to imagine who came up with it. It sounds like the Marxist idea that if you only wiped out every last capitalist, love and harmony would reign on earth. Every faction on the Left has these “wipe out the bad guys” dreams. Some feminists honestly fantasize about a world without men; LGBT’ers dream of a 100% LGBT world.

But if Israel were to disappear tomorrow, all the other wars in the Middle East would just keep boiling over. 

So the Sh’ites in Iraq would still be killing the Sunnis and vice versa. The Syria civil war wouldn’t stop, nor the Libyan civil war. Muslim jihadists would still commit atrocities against Christians, Yazidis, and of course, against any Jews who haven’t yet left. The Turks would still hate the Kurds, the Twelver Armageddon cult would still hate less extreme believers, and Boko Haram in Nigeria would still be kidnapping and abusing hundreds of African village women and children to sell in the slave markets. The Sudan would still be trying to wipe out African tribal peoples, and ISIS would still be rampaging and posting snuff films on the internet.

Peace on earth, good will to men?

Not exactly.

But that seems to be Obama’s idea. Just that one little problem to solve, and shazzam! Paradise on earth.

Another Nobel Prize for O, and on to his new career as Secretary General of the United Nations, aka president of the planet.

If you live in a world of incorrigible false beliefs, nothing will ever work. No matter how many enemies you hassle through the IRS, no matter how many Republicans you smear through the lynch mob media, no matter how you rage against the cruelties of capitalism or global warming, nothing is going to get better, because all your premises are false.

False premises lead to false conclusions every single time.

Obama has demanded that Israel must retreat to the ceasefire lines of the 1948 War of Independence, in order to deserve permanent peace with the Arab “Palestinians” whose great-grandparents fled from that war.

When people with common sense take a look at the resulting map they can’t believe the tiny sliver of territory Obama wants to leave for Israel.

Given the fact that Israel has been assaulted by multiple Arab armies four times since it declared independence sixty years ago, and that it is currently under daily genocidal threats from the nuclear-arming Iranians, Obama’s idea looks plain crazy. But it’s obvious that Obama and his inner circle are convinced that having a defensible territory means nothing. All of human history contradicts that idea.

The new Obama proposal that the Iranians will agree to wait ten years before rushing to build their nukes simply means that Israel will have another decade to wait for a genocidal attack. Sovereign nations do not agree to becoming suicidally vulnerable, even after ten years.

And if Obama believes that Israel is actually protected by its own nuclear weapons he understands nothing about nukes, which are only weapons of last resort --- at least for rational nations. Which is why the U.S. and the Soviet Union never came to nuclear blows over a forty-year period. An actual nuclear exchange is a suicide pact, and only the martyrdom cults of Iran and Hamas actually celebrate suicide-killings.

This much should be obvious to any sensible person. The last few decades of massive propaganda and pressure by Eurosocialists, Muslim fascists and people like Obama is therefore just another lefto-cult delusion. The Left lives in some airy-fairy future that never comes, and this is simply another example of that mental disorder. Not so long ago they marched for U.S. disarmament and against American anti-missile defense. When it comes to military reality they are really not sane.

At least one Republican, James Baker III, seems to share the anti-Israel obsession, as shown in his talk to the turncoat group J Street.  Baker was there to signal to the anti-Israel Left that Jeb Bush is on their side. Baker is a Texas oil guy, and his anti-Israel rancor presumably goes back to the time forty years ago when every Muslim oil regime had it in for Israel.

But that is simply not true anymore. It’s another false belief.

Egypt and Israel are cooperating closely in President Sisi’s war against the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorists in the Sinai Desert. Israel just signed a four billion dollar deal to supply natural gas to Egypt. The forty-year Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty is holding up. Jordan has a de facto peace with Israel. It is Lebanon’s occupation by Iran’s proxy army Hizb’allah keeps that border unstable. Even Assad’s Syria had a de facto peace with Israel before the bloody civil war.

Right now the Sunnis are scared about Iran’s aggression, which threatens their survival, or in the case of Egypt, they are trying to destroy the Muslim Brotherhood before the MBs destroy the ruling regime.

The Saudis have had contacts with Israel for years, and are consulting closely on the Iranian threat. The reason is obvious: When Iran goes nuclear (with Obama’s active help) there is only one nuclear counterweight in the region, which would be Israel. Now that America has bugged out, and we can’t be trusted to protect the Arab nations against Iran, they are looking for allies anywhere they can. That’s what happens when you destabilize the Muslim Middle East. People get more insecure and scared, not less.

The Iranians have had greedy eyes on the holy cities of Mecca and Medina since 1979, when Ayatollah Khomeini tried to overthrow the House of Saud during the hajj (the pilgrimage to Mecca). But Iran’s Shi’ites see themselves as Mohammed’s true heirs, while the Saudis are the betrayers who wrongly possess Mecca and Medina. This religious warfare has been going on for about 1200 years, and it’s not going to be another quick fix.

There is another amazing fallacy in the Left’s anti-Israel dreams. Hamas and the PLO have locked their genocidal goals against Israel into their founding charters. They have never shown any willingness to change the declared goal of genocide. What’s more, their leaders constantly rage against Israel to out-demagogue their own political competitors. And finally, all their money comes from the hate-Israel campaign at the UN, and they would go broke without it.

But wait! It gets worse.

If the PLO ever publicly recognized Israel’s right to exist, two predictable things would happen:

First, the more extreme factions like Hamas and Islamic Jihad would stage violent rebellions against the PLO. They’ve done it before.

Second, the PLO leadership would be targeted for assassination.

Anwar Sadat made peace with Israel forty years ago and was assassinated by the same Muslim Brotherhood that Obama likes so much.

Career politicians in the PLO don’t forget that. They are survivors, and risking their lives is not in their playbook.

You might think that somebody would have explained the facts of life to Mr. Obama in the last six years. But Obama has a hard time listening to other people, especially if they have different ideas.

Which makes it impossible for him to learn anything.

Bottom line: Obama is enraged because he is stuck in false beliefs about Israel and the Pals. In psychiatry this is called a mental obsession. Obsessions don’t have solutions in the real world, they just keep running, over and over again.

But you can predict who will get the blame…