Time for the Obamadorian Reaction

Unlike many, I do not think President Obama is a secret member of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Nor do I think he has sympathies for radical Islam. His gay friendly endeavors run counter to sharia.

Rather, I think President Obama is a benighted leftist who actually thinks that, if given a free chance, everyone everywhere would choose a gay friendly, animal loving, socialist world view that by means of democracy would lead the whole planet to a palm fronded halcyon multicultural eco-friendly paradise.

To put it bluntly, Obama is probably a true believer. A true believer in Christ ... certainly not! In Allah ... probably not!  Or he would not have tried to ram gay friendly practices on African Nations.

The Obama Administration's Bold but Risky Plan to Make Africa Gay-Friendly - The Atlantic

Obama believes the fallacy that all ultra-reformers believe in. The perfectibility of man. If given the right education, the right worldview, the right morality, we would all get along.

It is the signature error of all revolutions gone awry.

The French Revolution -- which had many good ideas -- felt that men could be swayed by "Reason." The French renamed the months according to logic. Ten days in a week were decreed. All perfectly sensible.  None of it took. It is a pity. Frankly, "Thermidor" was a great name for the high month of summer; surpassing the bland July, and "Floreal" is a better name for a spring month than April or May, but the rest of the calendar floundered. People refused to use it. Humans are not perfectible. The thoroughly reasonable calendar failed within 12 years. By 1805, the French were back to the old calendar (though the metric system endured).

The New Soviet Man was a complete disaster. Humans are born capitalist, and it cannot be educated out of them.

And on the right, Cromwell's Puritan Republic could not enforce a Christian theocracy. No matter the thundering of Hellfire preachers and Puritan politicians, the English still insisted on celebrating that forbidden and most "Papist" (as they put it) of holidays: Christmas.  Riots occurred, and Christmas was suppressed, but only temporarily. Finally, after Cromwell died, the English had enough and welcomed back a thoroughly corrupt monarchy as preferable to theocratic dictators.
Of course, this could have been appreciated by a quick introduction to the Christian concept of Original Sin, which recognizes the fallen nature of men, and thereby limits the boundaries of good government. For those not persuaded by Original Sin, a quick read of Romans Chapter 7 should dissuade all but the worst starry-eyed reformer.

Roman 7: 24  What a wretched man I am!

If Paul felt hopeless, what chance does a leftist have?

Our American founding fathers succeeded precisely because they did not seek to recreate man, but through a series of checks and balances, merely contain his darker nature. A more limited view of government.

Obama will not be reasoned with.  He is besmitten. He actually conceives of Islam as no different than other religions. Just needs some fine-tuning. He actually thinks socialism works. He thinks LGBT advances will improve society. His wife thinks kids will prefer carrot juice to soda pop apart from deadly force.

Right now, Israel's chief political policy is how to survive the next two years until Obama is out of office. Given France's new hard line on Iran -- in contravention to Obama -- apparently Europe has woken up, too.  The Obama administration was a monsoon, and now that the eye of the hurricane has passed, the world just wants to survive its tropical storm of a retreat. Lest we applaud Europe for its newly found wisdom, we should remind ourselves that it was Europe that gave Obama a Nobel Prize. For what? No one has yet figured out. They encouraged him.

We have a starry-eyed leftist in office.  That is our problem.  He has no concept of human nature.

Now that the Senate Republicans have written an open letter to Iran, warning them of what is to come once Obama leaves office, and the House has written an open letter to Obama concerning Iran, perhaps it is time for Congress to make a bold move. Bipartisan dismay over Obama is rampant.

The Congress should consider running the country apart from Obama.  The Republicans should make some hard deals with the sane Democrats in return for a veto-proof Congress. This might mean allowing some leftist legislation in return for Democratic support of core Republican values.  For example: Temporary funding for Detroit in exchange for overriding Obama's veto of the Keystone pipeline.

Obama should be told that if he does not interfere with the engines of the Republic, he can finish out his term honorably and take his pension and his Nobel Prize with him, along with whatever low calorie health snacks are left in the White House refrigerator; but for the remaining 21 months of the Obama administration, the Congress, via legislation, will steer the ship of state with an eye to avoiding the reefs that Obama was so fond of ramming.  If not, Obama will spend the rest of his administration fighting impeachment proceedings.

Like the French Revolution, Cromwell's Puritan visions, and Soviet Lysenkoism, Obama has taken the US down a path of destruction. If we do not pull out, then we will collapse.  The English reverted to a corrupt monarchy rather than put up with a post-Cromwell theocracy. The corrupt monarchy that followed led directly to the American Revolution. France had its Thermidorian Reaction, which led to Napoleon and to millions lost in his grandiose campaigns.  Stalin's takeover slaughtered millions.

So also will we fail if Congress does not act firmly.

This is an unusual use of Congressional power, but it is constitutional.

Israel is "Waiting Out Obama."  Europe, the UK and Australia have joined the China's Monetary Bank. Egypt is now looking to Russia. Obama has set the USA back decades. Our friends are fleeing from Obama. We are at pre-World War II levels of influence.

Make no mistake. The USA has taken a major hit, and our influence may never come back to pre-Obama levels. Call it the Obamadorian Reaction.  Call it the Obamadorian Reaction, meant to preclude the inevitable American Thermidor if Obama is allowed 2 more years of free rein.

If Congress does not act forcibly now, the USA will suffer a major fall. Idiocy at this level is either corrected firmly, or there will be mass death and civil disruption to follow. We do not have the luxury of waiting two years.  The world will not wait.

Mike Konrad is an American who writes on various subjects

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