Ted Cruz starts with words of action about the Constitution

In the year that the Magna Carta turns 800, Senator Ted Cruz began his bid for the presidency with an appropriately active, as opposed to passive, choice of words that “[i]t is a time to reclaim the Constitution of the United States.” Conservatives frequently use the phrase “restoring the Constitution.” It is a sad enough commentary that we must restore what Founder and America’s Fourth U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall referred to in Marbury v. Madison as our “fundamental and paramount law.” Cruz’s virtuoso first act at Liberty University -- sans teleprompter -- amply demonstrated that he is a masterful wordsmith, using the precision of the lawyer that he is, yet with the flow and conviction of a preacher speaking about a higher promise.  The term “reclaim” used by Ted Cruz in referring to the action needed on the Constitution is not the same as “restore,” the latter suggesting a...(Read Full Article)