Republican Presidential Candidate: Your Ammo Is Prepared For You

That Hillary Rodham Clinton is the current presumptive Democrat presidential candidate is beyond discussion.  Democrats want her.  They are, in fact, desperate for her.

That's just fine.  She will be easy pickin's – if the Republican presidential candidate (whoever that is) will use it.  As Dr. Charles Krauthammer said, "... she can't run on her record."

So, Republican presidential candidate go ahead and mention, no, shout, Hillary's record.  To get you started, here are a few items from her record:

"Reset" with Russia.  As Guy Benson said:

Over the last few years, Moscow has complicated our efforts to halt Iran's nuclear march, ignored us completely on human rights, ostentatiously harbored a treacherous American fugitive, invaded (another) bordering country, and helped Kremlin-aligned rebels blow an airliner out of the sky.  With international pressure mounting, Vladimir Putin's allies are escalating their hostilities, not backing down[.]

Most of this occurred during Hillary's watch as secretary of state.

Pull-out from Iraq.  Hillary's failure in 2011 to impress upon feckless Obama the importance of a significant military force and to negotiate a deal with Iraq's leaders was a key failure, one that directly contributed to the rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the collapse of the Iraqi military.  When Iraq did subsequently collapse, Hillary tried to defend Obama by saying "Certainly when President Obama had to make the decision about what to do, he was deciding based on what the Bush administration had already determined, because they were the ones who said troops have to be out by the end of 2011."  That was a lie.  The Bush people intended that a contingency military force remain in place in Iraq.

Benghazi fiasco.  Despite repeated requests for increased embassy and consulate security, Hillary turned them down.  After four Americans were killed, she tried to duck responsibility by scapegoating an obscure video-maker.  Then, testifying before a House committee, she again tried to escape responsibility by saying, “[W]hat difference at this point does it make?”

Women’s issues.  Here is a twofer.  First, there's the "Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation."  The foundation's chief financial officer, Andrew Kessel, said, "We are incredibly proud of our work helping people live their best life stories."  Does Kessel speak for Hillary? Perhaps not, but her name is on the foundation, so the association with him is undeniable. 

It seems that the Foundation has accepted tens of millions of dollars in donations from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Algeria and Brunei.  Hillary, in 2011, said of Saudi Arabia that "… violence against women, human trafficking, and gender discrimination was common there."  Yet her foundation has accepted between $10 million and $25 million from Saudi Arabia.  And those other contributing mid-east countries aren't exactly havens for women either.  In this RNC video, Hillary is seen smiling next to several Middle East leaders.

You will remember that in 1995, in Beijing, China, Hillary championed women's rights.

Second, let's not forget that while a senator, Hillary paid women on her staff 72 percent of what she paid men.  The Washington Free Beacon had this to say:

By comparison to a cross-section of all workers in the District of Columbia, women earned 90 cents for each dollar earned by men, a significantly smaller pay gap than in Clinton's office.

It appears as if, for Hillary the hypocrite, money trumps women's rights. 

This could even be a "three-fer" if the Republican presidential candidate would focus upon the obvious conflicts of interest that will arise when Foundation donor countries receive preferential political treatment.  Bottom line: Hillary conducted national business with countries that contributed to her family's foundation, including a donation from Algeria that violated its ethics agreement with the Obama administration. 

E-mail fiasco.  Hillary issued a cable to State Department employees warning them not to use their personal e-mail accounts for national security reasons, even though she herself did exactly the same thing.  Hillary even created her own private e-mail domain server that permitted her to decide which of her government communications would be deleted and which ones would be retained.  Her excuse for the private e-mail server: she didn't want to have two e-mail devices to work.  Yet only two weeks earlier she said she used an iPhone and a Blackberry.

Further, Hillary has admitted that she deleted e-mails, although she insists that they were personal and she wasn't required to turn them over to State.  How do we know that what she deleted was exclusively personal?  She said so!  Sorry, Hillary, the Republican presidential candidate can say, the “trust me” argument, in view of your past record, just doesn't work anymore.

These are a few very brief "tip-of-the-iceberg" reminders of what Hillary has done and is doing.  I'm sure  professional researchers can find more. 

OK, Republican presidential candidate, your research is begun, anti-Hillary ammunition is on the Internet.  Now all you have to do is use it!

Not to worry.  If some other Democrat, such as Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren, manages to wrangle the Democrat presidential nomination, I and/or other AT readers will do some research and find some ammo that will help you.

Not to worry number 2: the MSM will not like you or say anything favorable about you whether you mention Hillary's record or not.  So don't hold back.  Go ahead and highlight it.

Dr. Warren Beatty (not the liberal actor) earned a Ph.D. in quantitative management and statistics from Florida State University.  He was a (very conservative) professor, and specialized in using statistics to assist/support decision-making.  He is now retired.  Dr. Beatty is a veteran who served in the U.S. Army.  He blogs at