Passing Judgment on Israel

The U.N. wants the world to believe that Israel is leading the globe in human rights violations, partly as a result of the shameless propaganda war perpetrated by Hamas during and since the war in the Gaza Strip last summer. The war was precipitated by numerous Hamas and Palestinian terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians, the last straw being the bloody massacre of an entire Israeli family, including their newborn baby.

Only the uninformed could pass judgement on Israel for the unavoidable collateral damage on civilians which any warring state has been guilty of ranging from minimal to egregious. The United States is no stranger to civilian collateral damage. We routinely kill civilians as a result of our drone executions which take place near daily all over the Middle East. How does the U.S. handle the repercussions of killing civilians in order to execute high-value targets? We pay them cash money. In the Mideast, it's referred to as "blood money", and in Islam, paying that debt brings balance to the scales of justice.

In 2014 alone, Obama authorized 357 air strikes in Pakistan. These figures are noninclusive of the multitudes of drone strikes which are a fact of life for citizens in several Mideast countries; including, Yemen, Syria, and Iraq, among others. The 2014 official Pakistani deaths by drone reported was between 2,410 - 3,902; 416-959 civilians; 168-204 children; 1,133 - 1,706 injured.

During the 2014 Gaza Strip conflict, an estimated 2,200 casualties were reported, many of them civilians that were used as human shields by their own leaders. The fact is, collateral damage is not a war crime, but a harsh reality that must be accepted in a world in which conflict and war is a part of human nature. Unfortunately for Israel, her enemies have demonstrated for years their willingness to sacrifice their own civilians in exchange for uninformed global pity and empathy that will one day lead to global indignation against Israel. Sadly, that strategy has had limited success until recent years; coinciding with the Obama presidency and global anti-Semitism, the likes of which haven't been seen since the holocaust.

How much do relatives get, you ask? I've heard of examples for common citizens in Iraq ranging from $10-30,000 dollars (a fortune to most Iraqi citizens). Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales went on a killing rampage against civilians in Afghanistan two years ago, resulting in the deaths of 17 women, infants, and small children. Afghan provincial council members reports the United States has paid the victims' families a total of $860,000 -- $10,000 for each of the six wounded survivors, and $50,000 apiece for the 16 dead. That's chump change compared to the $2.3 million "diyya" paid by the United States for the release of Raymond Davis, who was held for the killing of two Pakistani citizens; a third innocent pedestrian killed by the reaction team who drove erratically to extract him.

Israel is well aware that any time they're forced to use military force in response to the routine terrorism to which they've been exposed since 1948, collateral damage is inevitable. Hamas' war doctrine has been developed not from a viewpoint of military victory, as they are insanely outgunned and outsmarted by their mortal enemies. Hamas purposely antagonizes Israel and provokes Israel to engaging in violence to quell the unrest Hamas leaders perpetrate. Hamas then stages their military assets, soldiers, and weapons within the Palestinian civilian populous, using them as human shields.

When Hamas launches a missile or rocket into Israeli territory, counter-batteries automatically triangulate the munitions' trajectory and azimuth; counter-battery artillery is set to automatically return fire to the calculated enemy position. It is a known fact that Hamas uses schools, homes, markets, and other heavily populated areas in order to carry out their attacks, knowing full well the result will be the deaths of their own people. Hamas considers the victims of this barbaric system "martyrs", and the religiously brainwashed followers only see Israel as the culprit.

It used to be a widely known fact that the propaganda videos showing Israeli collateral damage broadcast to the world were calculated acts for which only Hamas was responsible. Not so much in 2015, where people now live in the fantasy that meeting violence with violence is Neolithic and unevolved. The worldview on Israel would be substantially different if those passing judgement lived a day in the shoes of an Israeli citizen, in constant fear of terrorist attacks.

Israel was denounced as the chief human rights violator above Syria, where Assad has launched Sarin gas attacks on civilians; North Korea, who houses millions of political prisoners, most of them innocent; including three successive generations of their offspring who spend entire lives in concentration camps; and, Iran, a state where women's lives have actually been given a set value -- half the worth of a man's (Article 33 and 99 of the Law of Retribution: Hodoud and Ghesas, Section 2 of Article 237). Where the weight of her testimony in court is precisely half that of a man. Where a husband can kill his adulterous wife without punishment while a woman is punished with death for a similar crime. If a male Muslim intentionally kills a Muslim woman, he is subject to retribution (an eye for an eye) but only if the guardian of the murdered woman pays him half of the diyya to the murderer to make up the deficiency (Article 6 of Diyat, Article 209 Law of Retribution).

But it's Israel, a land populated by the eternally persecuted, that according to the U.N. eclipses all others in a world of egregious atrocity. Israel has turned the other cheek to violence, oppression, and subjugation throughout history. To rank Israel atop countries with well-known and well-documented histories of civil rights and human rights violations is an inexcusable insult and quite indicative of the sorry state of affairs within the U.N. and within our own diplomatic circles.