Old Dogs Doing Old Tricks

There’s more than a passing similarity between Obama’s race baiting and his Netanyahu baiting: lies, agitprop, media complicity, shady financing, and prejudice  -- in one case against whites, in the other against Jews.

Jack Cashill, who often graces these pages, explains this week how the president has been ginning up racial animosity with the help of his friends and funders, describing techniques which I see Obama also using against Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel.

Begin with some big lies and a media willing to “dismiss as racist anyone who challenged anything about Obama.”

The war against the tea party was the first volley in the Obama race war saga. It began with the March 20 tea party rally protesting the impending enactment of ObamaCare, I was there, and I can confirm to you that the participants were the most decent, respectful group I have ever seen at a public rally. Cashill explains what happened:

Although members of Congress almost always take the tunnel to get from their offices to the Capitol, that afternoon several members of the Congressional Black Caucus chose to walk through the gathered crowds.

Unable to provoke the crowds into racist words or deeds, Caucus members made up their own. Rep. Andre Carson, one of only two Muslims in Congress, told reporters he heard “‘n-word, n-word,’ at least 15 times, hundreds of people.”

This was unbelievable nonsense. Carson’s walk was captured on multiple video cameras. Andrew Breitbart offered a $100,000 reward for a video on which any racial slur was uttered, and he got no takers.

Meanwhile Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, head of the Caucus, put out a press release saying a protester had spit on him and the Capitol Police arrested the spitter.

This was inarguably false as well. “There were no elements of a crime, and the individual wasn’t able to be positively identified,” Sgt. Kimberly Schneider of the U.S. Capitol Police would tell Fox News about the alleged spitter.

The press jumped onboard Spittlegate in the absence of any evidence whatsoever that it had occurred. Together the Democrats and press prejudiced against ordinary, mostly (but not wholly) white middle class Americans opposed to this statist grab for power slandered them. In so doing they tarred decent citizens opposed to this horribly drafted legislation, which had been crammed down entirely by the Democrats in a uniquely unprecedented fashion. Both it and the Lois Lerner embarked on war against the tea party, immeasurably assisting Obama’s re-election in 2012. 

Similar techniques were put into place to persuade blacks that they were at risk and needed the Obama administration to protect them. So with the connivance of the press -- which even offered up fake videos and pictures of a more youthful Trayvon Martin along with misrepresentations of critical facts on behalf of the Holder Department of Justice, the race mongers, and interested lawyers and litigants, George Zimmerman was railroaded. Reluctant local leaders who knew that he was innocent were goaded into trying an innocent man for murder, and when he was acquitted, the Department of Justice kept the investigation going.

Much the same pattern followed in Ferguson, Missouri, this time bankrolled by the Democrats' left-wing big daddy George Soros. “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” was now the propaganda follow-up to kiddies in hoodies with Skittles. Once again an innocent man’s life was ruined, local law enforcement authorities slandered and the department continued the investigation after state justice procedures cleared Officer Wilson. Residents of Ferguson have been left with far diminished real estate values, shops have been shuttered, and the community destroyed. Even worse, in the continued disruption, two police officers were shot by one of the Don’t Shoot gang.

The latest racist agitprop campaign is taking place in far left Madison, Wisconsin, where a young man high on hallucinogenic mushrooms was shot. This time his family’s not playing along with the race baiters, but the rumble continues, and summer, when tempers flare, is just around the corner.

Cashill concludes, "The left is busy working the 'teddy bear' Tony Robinson story in Madison, Wisconsin, and dreaming of the day when a rogue white cop does, in fact, kill an innocent young black boy. Corks will be popping that day, maybe even in the White House.”

In their zeal for power, there is no question that the Democrats are willing to gin up a race war, a war which cooler heads in communities with little press coverage try to forestall knowing that neither the perpetrators nor their media enablers will suffer: the residents of those communities are the victims of this despicable, manipulative behavior.

In much the same way, the administration has targeted Israel and Netanyahu with agitprop and a lazy, credulous, and partisan press plays ball. The president desperately wants what all fair observers note will be a disastrous deal with Iran respecting its development of nuclear weapons, a deal so awful even France opposes it.

Unlike Obama, Prime Minister Netanyahu recognizes his first responsibility is the defense of his country and its interests, opposes the deal.

After all, Obama’s diplomatic efforts have not once redounded to our interests. As my friend Cecil Turner notes:

I think Obama's track record on "diplomatic solutions" is a bit checkered:

The Russian "reset" presaged takeovers in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, and raised tensions to dangerous levels (and spawned a series of military maneuvers, including the latest bizarre armored column touring Eastern Europe);

the Iraq pullout that spawned ISIS resurgence;

Syrian negotiations that strengthens Iran and leaves us picking between a dictator and terrorists;

"Kinetic military action" that replaced a relatively docile Libyan dictator with a hotbed of terrorist chaos;

The Yemeni government overthrown by Iranian-backed rebels; and,

Our strongest regional ally rejecting a State Department sponsored get-out-the-vote effort to depose its prime minister, with resultant dysfunction.

The negotiation track record on this issue is similarly unimpressive. Recognizing Iran's right to enrich (which was implicit in allowing them to continue during the current round of talks), and removing sanctions as a condition for talking (whilst missing deadline after deadline), and throwing away a strong hand engendered by a[n] oil market price collapse demonstrated our desire to negotiate from weakness. Not too surprisingly, I lack confidence in Obama's team to negotiate anything, but in any event I seriously doubt kissing Iran's a$$ on nuclear issues is the sensible way forward.

Obviously that makes me a racist.

At the invitation of the Speaker of the House, the prime minister made an impassioned speech explaining the consequences to Israel of such a pact, an outreach to U.S. public opinion, which enraged Obama, who by all rational accounts has repeatedly engaged in sabotaging Israeli interests in self-preservation.

Among other things he has refused to re-up to the U.S. promise to supply Israel with emergency fuel supplies. 

His administration has worked with J-Street, which the press usually describes as an “Israel group” when in reality it is an anti-Israel group. It went so far as to fund directly and then through a tax-exempt group V-15 an on-the-ground anti-Netanyahu election effort. When observers noted that the group violated the terms of its 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, it applied for and received in lightning fashion a 501(c ) (4) status which allows some electioneering. (Contrast with conservative groups and tea party outfits whose applications for either of such classifications still remain in IRS limbo).

Interestingly enough, it appears that their work violated U.S. tax laws, though there are no signs that the Department of Justice, busy setting up race wars at home, has any interest in prosecuting them. 

As it did with the tea party, the administration engaged in underhanded games with Netanyahu. It used federal funds and the IRS in an attempt to change the ground game and the election outcome.

And the press? Well, as Professor Jacobson so deftly explains: the media distorted his statements about a two-state solution -- probably simply mouthing White House handouts. Obama used those distortions in an attempt to justify a plan to bypass Congress on sanctions against Iran and join in a UN effort to force a deal. When Bibi reaffirmed what he actually said, the press claimed he was walking back his earlier remarks and Obama said pay that no mind, he was still planning on joining with the UN to bring Israel down.  

(There might be some blowback on that ploy. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham warns if the White House tries that he’ll move to block funding to the United Nations. We do provide 22% of the bloated budget -- “$654 million is earmarked for 2015 alone” -- to this useless, corruptocracy after all.) 

You might be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but if the old tricks keep working why should you go through all that bother? 

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