Obama Is Not Hitler

Any comparison between Obama and Hitler trivializes the memory of those millions who perished as a direct result of Hitler's deep-seated anti-Semitism and hatred of the "other."  Obama is not establishing concentration or extermination camps, albeit his collusion with known anti-Semites who would is quite evident.

But the cunning of Obama is not to be underestimated or ignored.  With the latest explosive information about how Obama is "seeding" this country for an illegal immigrant population takeover while diminishing the rights of legal citizens, his trajectory is one of overwhelming America with people who will ultimately change the nature of the country.  Thus, the illegal aliens known as "seedlings" will "navigate, not assimilate" and will create a "country within a country."

To ignore that there are many ways to destroy a nation and its people gives Obama the cover he needs.

In addition, the added element that makes Obama's recipe a captivating witches' brew is the protective coloration that the president gives to jihadist terrorists who have no compunction about finishing off what Hitler began.  And they, too, are entering the country in addition to being given financial and moral support by this administration.  By downplaying the heinous actions of ISIS and other Islamic jihadist groups, Obama engages in another chess maneuver whereby he gives them protection to continue their evil deeds.

One must admire Obama's cunning and manipulation, considering the implications of his two-pronged attack on America.  And all the while, Obama appears to be off-stage, never quite getting his hands dirty.  This goes to the heart of Rush Limbaugh's theory about Obama, wherein "people do not associate Obama's policies with what's happened and continues to occur in this country."

And, of course, with the mainstream media either ignoring or tortuously dismissing commonsense reactions, most Americans are unaware of or in deep denial about what is happening.

But if Obama continues to bring in people who have no interest in showing allegiance to American ideals and values, and all he does is entice them with goodies, is this not step one in transforming the country where the American Dream becomes the American nightmare?  After all, their first move was to break American law, aided and abetted by the con man in the White House.

Let us continue.  Most rational people cannot understand why Obama sides with the Muslims at every opportunity he can.  Thus ensues the circular conversation as to whether he is a Muslim or not.  It actually does not matter what he is; it matters only whom he protects and whom he puts in harm's way.  And clearly, America is in the latter category.

Then there is the matter of the porous border.  Any which way one slices the argument, the idea that a president would threaten to punish border patrol agents for attempting to enforce federal immigration law is breathtaking.  This is a surreal move under the guise of  pseudo-compassion for lawbreakers; it ensures that the southern border is prone to attack either with weapons or with a demographic overload of illegals and anyone else who passes the porous border.  By integrating illegals into communities and by ignoring the fact that they have broken the law, we have the other equation in the total transformation of this country under Barack Hussein Obama.  Clearly, Obama has squandered his responsibility that “he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”

How could it be possible that the so-called leader of the free world would demean a prime minister of Israel who is merely relating what American intelligence sources have been highlighting for months if it were not for the fact that Obama cares more for the call to Muslim prayer than the call to protect Americans?  While the left engages in rude behavior and temper tantrums, there is not a single rational explanation as to why one would ignore the clear-cut signals of the Islamic world that daily calls for "death to America." 

What Hitler and Obama do have in common, of course, is their love of socialism.  Obama has given himself unprecedented power through Obamacare via the IRS.  And while America has dabbled in socialism before – i.e., Roosevelt's New Deal – Obama is hell-bent on turning the United States in a National Socialist direction.  Executive orders by the truckload, extra-constitutional czars, warrantless wiretaps, all wrapped under a cult of personality, which is central to National Socialism, mark this presidency.  So much so that Paul Roderick Gregory at Forbes states, in responding to whether Obama is truly a socialist, writes, "[b]y 'socialist,' I do not mean a Lenin, Castro, or Mao, but whether Obama falls within the mainstream of contemporary socialism as represented, for example, by Germany’s Social Democrats, French Socialists, or Spain’s socialist-workers party? By this criterion, yes, Obama is a socialist."

Remember when just hinting at Obama's socialism was the politically incorrect thing to do?

So Obama's socialism results in the expansion of the welfare state, which continues to explode with illegal immigrants and a mix of terrorists.  Add to this a burgeoning expansion of ill- or uninformed Americans as this concoction of dependency expands.  Thus, the government controls all important activities, freedoms are diminished, and we have a hypnotic mesmerizing of the populace.  After all, Obama complains that the U.S. Constitution is a "charter of negative liberties" that dictates what government "can't do to you, but it doesn't say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf." 

Once that happens, the few remaining Americans with any gumption to fight back will be overwhelmed philosophically, demographically, and, ultimately, militarily.  And Obama will look down upon his not-a-king throne and plaintively wonder how that all happened.

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