Obama Creates Chaos and Calls it 'Peace'

President Obama has surrendered to Iran’s fanatical thirst for nukes, and now all of Iran’s Muslim enemies are going to war, because they understand the mullahs a lot better than Obama does.

A huge regional war is breaking out between the two biggest enemies in Islam, the Sunnis and Shi’ites. This war has its roots in Ayatollah Khomeini, Jimmy Carter’s favorite Islamofascist “spiritual leader,” who was allowed to take over the 70 million people of Iran by the terminally delusional Carter regime.

But our guy Obama has made everything worse, by siding with the two most extreme and murderous forces in the region, the mullahs of Iran on the Shi’ite side, and the Muslim Brotherhood on the Sunni side.

In this mess you need a scorecard. Here's one.

1) Saudi Arabia is the center of worldwide Islam. It’s run by a radical Sunni  theocracy that sends hate preachers all over the world, who tell their followers that violent jihad against the West will win them a place in Paradise. That’s why we get Muslims blowing themselves all over the world, taking with them as many infidels as possible. 

SCORE: Winner: Sunni War Priests. Obama zero.

2) Iran is the biggest 1000-year enemy of the Saudis. But eighty percent of Muslims worldwide are Sunnis, and follow the Saudi line. Iran wants to conquer the holy cities of Mecca and Medina from the Saudis.

SCORE: Winner: Iranian and Sunni war priests. Obama zero.

3) From the beginning of Obamanismo, the U.S. has tried to destabilize Egypt, Syria, Israel, Libya, and a few other odds and ends. Egypt revolted against Obama’s friends of the Muslim Brotherhood, so Obama scored 0 there. Libya fell apart into civil war when NATO criminally bombed a regime that did not threaten their interests in the least.

SCORE: Winner: Al Qaida in the Maghreb. Obama zero.

4) Syria fell apart due to Obama’s much hyped-up “Arab Spring,” with the Alawite Assad fighting even more evil Sunni thugs like Al Nusrah and finally ISIS. Obama has tried over and over again to overthrow Assad, with a big backlash, so that now Syria is the biggest horror story on the planet, with more than 200,000 dead and millions of refugees.

SCORE: Winner: Iran, which now has troops in Syria, plus its obedient war party Hizb’allah. Obama, zero.

5) Iran has sent high officers to spy out the land all the way to the Golan Heights, where Israel bombed a dozen of them to death.

SCORE: Israel vs. Iran – a tie so far. Obama zero.

6) In return for Iranian aggression --- made much worse by Obama’s surrender  on Iranian nukes --- the Saudis can call on the following allied armies, navies, and air forces:

A) On the Arabian Peninsula, all the Gulf sheikhdoms except Qatar.
B) The large and technically advanced armies of Egypt, Jordan, and Pakistan.
C) The militant Sunni tribes of Iraq and Syria.

Now recall the strategic situation. Iran has been enabled by the United States from Jimmy Carter to Obama to encircle and threaten Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. By controlling the choke point of the Gulf, Iran can close off tanker traffic at will. But now an Iranian proxy tribe, the Houthis, has taken Obama and the Saudis by complete surprise; they are close to choking off the Red Sea ports of Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

SCORE: Winner: Iran. Obama zero.

7) Saudi Arabia and its Sunni allies are now going to war by sending naval vessels to the mouth of the Red Sea and bombarding the Houthis with several different Arab air forces allied to the Saudis.

SCORE: Unknown. Chances are that the Sunni armies will beat smaller Iranian and proxy forces at the mouth of the Red Sea. But war is unpredictable.

Bottom line: While Obama and the Euroleft have focused idiotically on Israel and the fictional Palestinians (who are Arabs under a different name to fool the suckers), Iran has been quietly advancing a huge strategic pincer movement through Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria. Yemen is the southern end of the strategic pincer.

Iran has just threatened to invade Jordan, and of course Israel is their biggest hate object over decades of media propaganda in the Arab Middle East and Europe. But now the Sunnis need help from Israel, especially if this thing goes nuclear, so they are making nice.

SCORE: Arab-Israeli peace WINS, in spite of Obama. Obama has lost any credibility he ever had in the region, so he scores… zero.

Meanwhile, Our Hero has ordered USAF ground-support to both sides of the great Muslim divide, the Iranians in Iraq, and their deadly enemies the Saudis in Yemen.

Senator Richard Burr, who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee, was quoted saying “We’re totally out… Yemen is going to be [an] absolute failure of our foreign policy.”

You can say that for the rest of Obama’s meddling, too. 

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