Liberals against Perversion?

President Obama says that we are not at war with Islam but with those who have perverted Islam.

Since when have liberals been against perversion?  Name one other perversion they are against.  They are certainly all for the perversion of Christianity.

We can make marriage into anything we want, but Islam cannot be adulterated.  They've gone Fundamentalist on us.

The Constitution means whatever, but the Koran is inviolate.  We are supposed to ignore what laws say but listen to what some dishonest imam says on television.

I can't think of anything liberals haven't perverted.  They must be upset because al Qaeda perverted Islam before they got around to it.

Liberals have ruined education.  They have turned civil rights into uncivil wrongs.  They have spoken power to truth.  They have politicized the churches.  They slaughter millions of birds with their damn wind turbines.  They have turned reporters into propagandists.  They trick people into wearing ugly clothes and bizarre hairstyles.  They call noise music.  They design ugly buildings.  They even like weird furniture.  They don't mind perverting education, rights, truth, God's creatures, news, clothes, hair, music, architecture, furniture, anything, anything, anything, anything but Islam. 

Liberals have heard that no one should touch the Koran with unclean hands, so they prohibit our soldiers from touching one.  Our soldiers' hands are dirty, not the hands of the inmates in Guantanamo.  They say that ISIS is not Islamic, but they never say that these ISIS infidels should not be allowed to touch the Koran.

Liberals are cool with violent sex, but not with violent Islam?  Sadism in bed is cutting edge.  Sadism in the sands is not?

Perverse sex is OK, perverse Islam is not?  Islam is more important to liberals than sex?  The Koran is more important to them than their genitals?  We have to guard the purity of Islam, any old sex will do?  If liberals are not particular about sex, how come they have to do the bizarre things they do?

They campaign against income inequality but prefer the pristine purity of a religion that reserves wives for the rich.  They are for women's liberation and against the degradation of a great religion that makes women chattel.  They have miraculous visions of a campus epidemic of rape and even more miraculous visions of a religion that holds rape victims guilty. 

I can't wait for Hillary Clinton to say that ISIS is a corruption of Islam.  Maybe she already has.  That would be something.

Of course, the practices being called perversions of Islam are found in the Koran and Hadith and affirmed by many Islamic scholars. So the claims of perversion of Islam are themselves a perversion. Perhaps that will provide some comfort to the perversion-friendly liberals, after all.